RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

This schedule will only apply to Traineeship employees of the University

3. Employment conditions


A full-time trainee will be engaged for a maximum of one year’s duration, except in respect of AQF III and AQF IV traineeships which may extend up to two years full-time, provided that a Trainee will be subject to a satisfactory probation period of up to one month which may be reduced at the discretion of RMIT. By agreement in writing, and with the consent of the relevant State or Territory Training Authority, the University and the Trainee may vary the duration of the Traineeship and the extent of approved training provided that any agreement to vary is in accordance with the relevant Traineeship Scheme. A part-time trainee will be engaged in accordance with the provisions of clause 5 of this Schedule, Part-time Traineeships.


Where the trainee completes the qualification, in the Training Agreement, earlier than the time specified in the Training Agreement then the traineeship may be concluded by mutual agreement.


Termination of employment of trainees is dealt with in the Training Agreement. The University when such action will give written notice to the trainee at the time the action is commenced.


The trainee will be permitted to be absent from work without loss of continuity of employment and/or wages to attend the approved training.


Where the employment of a trainee by the University is continued after the completion of the traineeship period, such traineeship period will be counted as service for the purposes of the Agreement.

3.6 Trainees working overtime


Reasonable overtime may be worked by the trainee provided that it does not affect the successful completion of the approved training.


No trainee will work overtime or shiftwork on their own unless consistent with the provisions of Schedule 1 of the Agreement.


No trainee will work shiftwork unless the shiftwork makes satisfactory provision for approved training. Such training may be applied over a cycle in excess of a week, but must average over the relevant period no less than the amount of training required for non-shiftwork Trainees.


The trainee wage will be the basis for the calculation of overtime and/or shift penalty rates prescribed by Schedule 1 of the Agreement.


All other terms and conditions of this Agreement that are applicable to the trainee or would be applicable to the trainee but for this Schedule will apply unless specifically varied by this Schedule.


A trainee who fails to either complete the Traineeship or who cannot for any reason be placed in full-time employment with the University on successful completion of the Traineeship will not be entitled to any severance payments payable pursuant to termination.


With the exception of the following clauses, the terms and conditions provided by the Agreement will apply to trainees.

(a) Clause 25, Redundancy and Redeployment; and

(b) Clause 29, Disciplinary Procedures.

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