Student–staff consultative committee

Terms of reference

1 Title of Committee

1.1 Student-Staff Consultative Committee.

2 Policy Reference

2.1 Student feedback procedure

2.2 Establishment and operation of student staff consultative committees procedure

3 Rationale

3.1 Student-Staff Consultative Committees provide a forum for the Program Team managing a program, or a stage of a program, and students enrolled in that program to:

(a) review the effectiveness of the implementation of the Program plan

(b) contribute to the continual quality improvement of the Program;

(c) ensure a holistic, student-centred learning environment.

4 Committee Practices

4.1 Functions

The Committee:

(a) highlights examples of good practice;

(b) monitors the delivery of the Program against the program plan;

(c) monitors the delivery of courses against course guides;

(d) monitors the total student workload;

(e) monitors the general satisfaction of students with the program;

(f) considers suggestions for modification and improvement to the program;

(g) considers and seeks to resolve problems which are of concern to students undertaking the program; and

(h) makes recommendations to appropriate managers on matters requiring action that the Committee cannot resolve directly.

4.2 Membership

[to be inserted by School/]

(a) Co-option

The Chairperson may co-opt additional student members in the event that a balanced student representation is not obtained through the nomination and electoral process.

4.3 Duration

Membership is for a term of one calendar year.

4.4 Quorum

The attendance of two members of academic/teaching staff and half of the student members of the Committee constitutes a quorum.

4.5 Meetings

Meetings of the Committee should be held at least two times each semester with seven (7) working days notice in writing given of a forthcoming meeting. The notice should include the time, place, agenda and papers for the meeting. Where appropriate, online forums may be an alternative approach to on campus meetings.

4.6 Reporting

Confirmed minutes of meetings will be forwarded to the College Students Committee for noting.

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