11 July 2014

Putting the spotlight on storage

ITS is undertaking a fast-tracked program of works to increase data storage, extend back-up facilities and improve the speed and volume of data transfer.

From July until January, ITS will focus on improving the performance and reliability of our storage environment. It's part of the plan to bring our existing infrastructure up to speed and create a foundation to take RMIT's data storage capabilities to the next level.

The work includes:

  • Replacing older databases with new software and hardware to improve the performance of RMIT applications
  • Delivering new server facilities to enable the use of additional teaching tools
  • Upgrading the storage platform and centralising facilities to reduce risk
  • Consolidating file sharing for students and staff.

During this period, service interruptions will be required as we migrate our current services to the new storage environment.

For more information, see our Data website.

[Source: Russell Burgess, ITS]