26 May 2014

Shubit Sagar, Exchange from National Institute of Design, India

Shubit wanted to explore and learn new things during his exchange to RMIT.

“If you want the experience of life-time go to RMIT. It will not only provide you with a good education it will also provide you with great activities.”

Home Institution: National Institute of Design

Home Degree/ Program: Design

Global Program: Exchange, Semester 2 2014

Shubit’s experience at RMIT has been “like dream come true.” What Shubit likes about Victoria is the wide range of different cultures and food available. He also loves the weekends in Melbourne with its nightlife.Shubit was drawn to RMIT because of the wide range of courses provided, the great facilities and location right in the centre of Melbourne. During this semester he has found the teaching staff here really helpful, and this added to his great experience at RMIT. Shubit knows that through his exchange to RMIT he has learned many valuable life lessons that he will cherish.
Shubit Sagar

Shubit Sagar