Ms Nooshin Torabi


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School of Global, Urban & Social Studies

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+61 3 9925 0909


Building: 015
Level: 03
Room: 005

City campus


College of Design and Social Context


Nooshin Torabi


  • BEng (Tehran University) 1999
  • Masters (Tehran University) 2005
  • PhD (RMIT University) 2016


Nooshin undertook her PhD in the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group within the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies. Her thesis title is “Understanding landholder participation in biodiverse carbon plantings”, which explores the socio-cultural drivers of private landholders who participate in biodiverse carbon plantings in their properties. Furthermore, she explored the opinions of policy makers and academics in the field of carbon and biodiversity. She has also developed a Bayesian Belief Network model (probability modelling) to predict the probability of landholder participation rate in biodiverse carbon plantings. This model investigates the influence of program design, financial incentives and landholder’s value of co-benefits on the predicted participation rate.

Research interests

  • Developing frameworks to measure the biodiversity outcomes of citizen science programs
  • Integration of Socio-ecological systems
  • Building resilience in rural areas
  • Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs)
  • Exploring the social roots of ecological issues
  • Integration of markets for ecosystem services.

Awards and grants

  • 2012 United Nations Universities YRS scholarship
  • 2011 APAI PhD Scholarship, RMIT
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