11 April 2014

Bundoora Spine Project

Bundoora Spine

Artist and RMIT’s alumnus Lisa Roet with her sculptureChimpanzee Finger

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RMIT’s alumnus Lisa Roet, lecturer Robert Bridgewater and the Sound Art Collection bring sculptures and sound art to the Bundoora campus.

As the result of their collaboration, students can now enjoy the recently launched Bundoora Spine – a lively meandering pathway connecting Plenty Road to buildings in Bundoora campus west.

"The Bundoora Spine is more than pleasing to the eye – it is a distinctive statement in technology and design that is RMIT Bundoora’s own,” says Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Margaret Gardner AO, at the project’s launch.

Featured along the pathway are Lisa’s Chimpanzee Finger and Robert’s I’ll be Your Sunshine (Invisible) bronze works. In addition, the RMIT Sound Art Collection and the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory have installed hidden speakers playing multi-channel spatial sound and radiophonic works from international and local artists.

Lisa graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) in 1987. Her work primarily focuses on the relationship between humans and animals, particularly apes.

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