Videoconferencing provides audio and visual communications for participants in two or more locations over the internet.

Facilities are available to staff for remote teaching and learning delivery, as well as conferences and general communications.

Videoconferencing is available at a number of locations across RMIT campuses and sites, including City, Brunswick, Bundoora, Sale, Hamilton and Vietnam.

Please refer to the following information to organise a videoconference:

If you are sending out invites for a conference bridge call, make sure that you do not make your host PIN public. This will ensure RMIT’s conference bridges remain secure.

For general enquiries, please contact the Service and Support Centre.

For urgent assistance during a videoconference, please call the audiovisual support line on tel. 9925 8888 during Service and Support Centre hours of operation.

For FAQs about videoconferencing, visit the videoconferencing post in myCommunity.