23 November 2015

Don't get caught out this holiday season

The end of year period is a busy time - juggling work commitments, planning social festivities and organising last minute shopping and gifts.

It’s a time when we may let our guard down around online security, however statistics show that we should be increasing our diligence.

Attackers have a number of potential topics and opportunities they can use to play on our emotions and slip under the radar over this period. Scammers will craft plenty of phishing emails under the guise of holiday e-cards, party invitations, product deals and discounts, travel notifications and package delivery updates.

Executives and senior employees are often the target of these attacks as perpetrators attempt to gain access and establish a foothold in the systems used by an organisation. Phishing emails sent to personal email accounts can also cause RMIT damage when they are accessed on an RMIT device - so it’s important to be vigilant.

See this infographic for the type of threats that abound at this time, and remember to contact the Service and Support Centre for online security advice and assistance.