Data sharing and collaboration

Software that is good for collaborating with other researchers may not offer secure long term storage. You should regularly back up your research data and save it in one of these storage options. In particular ensure you have your data in long term secure storage at the end of your research project.

The options below can be used to give other people access to research data during the research project. When sharing data it is important to control sensitive or confidential data.

For more information about research data and how to manage it visit RMIT’s Research Data Management Library Guide.

How do you want to share the data?

What to use

Key features

How to access

Share data sets via the University’s network provider, AARNet.


  • 100GB can be shared free of charge
  • More secure than Dropbox
  • Supported by the Australian government and linked with RMIT
  • Can also be used for storage

Log on with your RMIT details or find out more about CloudStor+.

Contact eResearch Office for advice.

Collaborating and sharing small amounts of data that is not highly confidential or sensitive.

Google Drive

  • Widely accessible
  • Data is kept indefinitely
  • Unsuitable for data sets over 20GB
  • Available to all staff and students.

Automatically available via your RMIT Gmail account.

Learn more about Google Drive.

Document and information sharing that can be made part of a project web site.

Google Sites

  • Users can create and manage access
  • Data is kept indefinitely
  • Sites can be complex to set up.

Automatically available via your RMIT Gmail account.

Learn more about Google Sites.

To transfer large amounts of highly sensitive and confidential data.


  • RMIT has a limited number of transfer licenses
  • Licenses are provided to researchers based on merit

Apply for access using the myTechSupport form.

Share data with other researchers during the research project.

  • 2GB can be shared free of charge.
  • Not supported by ITS
  • Less secure than Cloudstor+ (see above)
  • Researcher responsible for term and conditions
  • Important that you back up data on RMIT storage space during the project AND move data from Dropbox at the end of the project.
  • Not appropriate for long term storage.

See the DropBox options available.

(Data security has not been assessed)