COLFUTURO-RMIT University Joint Scholarship

If you are an international student from Colombia applying for a Masters or PhD at RMIT University, you may be eligible for this jointly funded scholarship by RMIT and the Foundation for the Future of Colombia (COLFUTURO).

The COLFUTURO-RMIT joint scholarship aims to provide further financial assistance to talented Colombian students who want to pursue Masters and PhD programs at RMIT.

Value and duration

This scholarship provides:

  • funding for English Language Studies (ELICOS) up to 10 weeks per student
  • 15% discount on tuition fees for all postgraduate coursework programs for up to 8 students enrolled at any time
  • 25% discount on tuition fees for all postgraduate research programs for up to 12 students for 3.5 years

COLFUTURO provides up to a total amount of USD 50,000 to cover remaining tuition fees, living costs and other related costs.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • be a citizen of Colombia
  • have an offer for a Masters or PhD program at RMIT
  • be an awardee of the COLFUTURO scholarship-loan
  • commence full-time enrolment as an onshore international student

How to apply

  1. Find an RMIT Masters or PhD program.
    Coursework applicants: see Masters by Coursework
    Research applicants: find two supervisors whose background is aligned to your research interests and contact them with your topic idea. Ensure that you meet the academic entry criteria for the program.
  2. Make an application to study at RMIT.
  3. Receive an offer from RMIT.
  4. Submit an application for the Foundation for the Future of Colombia (COLFUTURO) scholarship-loan scheme. For information on how to apply for the scholarship-loan, please visit the COLFUTRO website.
  5. Selected beneficiaries of the COLFUTURO scholarship-loan scheme will then be considered for the discount through the COLFUTURO-RMIT joint scholarship.