Annual leave and leave of absence

Candidates are entitled to 20 working days of annual leave per year, calculated on a pro-rata basis for part-time candidates. Annual leave taken will not alter the duration of candidature

Leave of absence is permitted for up to a total of twelve (12) months during the entire program. Leave of absence may be granted for compassionate or compelling circumstances. Candidates applying for sick leave on behalf of themselves or leave to care for a family member must submit a supporting certificate from a recognised health care practitioner that aligns with the period of leave being requested.

International candidates studying in Australia can only have an approved LOA based on evidence of compassionate or compelling circumstances in accordance with Department of Immigration and Citizenship guidelines.

Candidates applying for leave of absence must complete the RMIT leave of absence form (PDF 141KB).

For leave of absence prior to successful confirmation of candidature and for leave of absence where the accumulated leave period is beyond 12 months, the above RMIT leave of absence form must be submitted along with a covering memo attached with supporting documentation which provides relevant details and is recommended by the Senior supervisor/s and endorsed by the Dean/Head of School or their nominee. This should be endorsed by the College and submitted to the Dean, SGR for approval in advance of the commencement of leave.

International students must liaise with RMIT International Services prior to submitting a Leave of Absence form.