Making your teaching practice inclusive

There are many ways in which available teaching resources can be used to help make your teaching practice inclusive.

You may be new to teaching and looking for information and guidance to make your teaching practice inclusive, or you may be an experienced practitioner who already uses inclusive approaches in your teaching but would like a ‘refresher’ or new ideas.

Using the resources

There are many ways to use the resources on the about inclusive teaching and teaching resources pages in your teaching practice.

1. An overview

If you would like an overview of what an inclusive teaching approach looks like you can refer to the inclusive teaching principles. These give you a broad outlook on how you might apply each of the principles to generate your own ideas on making your practice inclusive, and can also be used to identify teaching strengths and areas to improve. You can then refer to the teaching strategies for more detailed support.

2. Specific strategies

You may already be using many of the teaching strategies that relate to the six principles. The strategies give detailed suggestions and ideas on how to implement and support inclusive teaching practice. You can use these as a checklist to see what strategies you are already using and/or to see where you can improve or implement new ideas.

3. Reflection and action e-portfolio

If you would like to reflect on your teaching practice, you can access the e-portfolio template to: examine what inclusive practice means to you; look at how you might use the Principles to guide your practice; use some key questions to inform the way you design curriculum, facilitate learning and assess your students; and access the inclusive teaching strategies to give you detailed suggestions on how to make your practice more inclusive.

Be realistic

Implementing new ideas, resources and strategies into your teaching takes time. Be realistic about how much you can achieve. Begin by acknowledging what you are already doing well or feel confident in and then look for the places where you would like to improve your practice and set yourself an achievable goal.