Managing payment claims

Information for managers to approve payment claims for staff who have worked agreed hours above their standard working hours.

Types of claims

Claim types are set out in the conditions of employment under the relevant Enterprise Agreement and availability depends on your staff’s employee group e.g. Academic, Professional, Vocational Education, Vocational Education (DATA) or Childcare staff:

Staff may submit claims in ESS for the following types of payments:

1. Additional hours

2. Above load – Marking

3. Above load – Teaching

4. Offshore marking

5. Offshore teaching

6. Overtime

7. Call back

8. On call allowance

9. On call overtime

10. On call remote overtime

11. No minimum break

12. Extended travel

13. Extended travel overtime

14. Vocational Education loading

15. Excess teaching

16. Excess teaching casual rate

For more detail on the above claim types, please refer to the Record Working Time: Time Entry Guide for the relevant employment group:

Time Entry Guide Academic (PDF, 336KB, 1pg)

Time Entry Guide Childcare (PDF, 308KB, 1pg)

Time Entry Guide Professional (PDF, 390KB, 2pg)

Time Entry Guide VE (PDF, 317KB, 1pg)

Time Entry Guide VE (DATA) (PDF, 301KB, 1pg)

You may have additional processes in your area, so please ensure your ensure your staff member is aware of these requirements.

Approving a claim

As a manager you will approve working time payment claims via ESS under the Leave & Time tab, Approve Working Time.

For detailed instructions the following resources are available:

An option to have a second level approver is available, to arrange please submit a Time Administrator and Time Approver form (CA12).

Please note: claims can only be submitted and approved in ESS for the current week and up to 6 weeks prior, please remind staff to submit their claims in a timely manner. For claims outside this period please contact HR Assist.

Manager initiated payments

Higher duties and loadings are manager initiated payments and are applied for via a separate process outlined in the policy.