Salary schedules

Details of salary schedules, payment dates and how to calculate daily, weekly and fortnightly payment amounts.

Salary schedules

The salary schedules do not include any associated on-costs. Please refer to salary on-costs for additional costs for budgeting purposes.

Professional staff

Academic staff

Vocational Education teaching staff

Childcare staff

Salary on costs

Payment dates

Salary calculation formula


Annual salary / 365.25 days (for example: $56,237 / 365.25 days = $153.96 per day)


Annual salary / 52.1786 weeks (for example: $56237 / 52.1786 weeks = $1077.77 per week)

Fortnightly salary

Annual salary / 26.0893 fortnights (for example: $56237 / 26.0893 = $2155.55 per fortnight)


The formulas as outlined above also apply to all allowances.