Postal loan service for remote students

This information is for the RMIT University students in Australia who reside outside Met Zone 2, or in states other than Victoria.

As a remote student, you can get books, copies of articles, conference papers, and book chapters through the Document Delivery Services.

Articles or book chapters

Copies of journal articles, conference papers and book chapters will be delivered electronically to your desktop. Login to Document Delivery to make a request.


If you need books, we will post them to you for free. We will also send you a prepaid satchel with the Library’s address. Please use this satchel to return your books to the Library.

Alternatively, you can pick up and return books in person from the Library site specified on your request.

We aim for a one-week turnaround time for all loans; however this may not always be possible.

Loan period and renewals

The initial loan period for remote students is 4 weeks, and then normal loan periods apply. You can renew your loans before the due date. Information on how to renew library loans is available.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to return materials by the due date. Penalties apply for overdue or lost items.

If you have any problems returning items on time, please contact Document Delivery Services.

Borrowing from other libraries

The CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing Program allows you to borrow items from other Victorian academic libraries. Obtain your CAVAL card and information brochure from any of the Library sites. The National Borrowing Scheme allows RMIT students living anywhere in Australia to borrow items from participating universities in their home state. Find out more about borrowing from other libraries.