Research servers and virtual machines

Computing environments for research work

Research servers and virtual machines

For some research jobs, the nature of the work and sheer volume of data involved may mean you’re going to need your own physical or virtual computing environment.

That’s where we can help. Providing your needs are for a limited time (six months or less), we can organise a fully managed environment on a separate segregated network.

We’ll manage your database hosting needs and look after your server requirements to ensure everything runs smoothly – so you can concentrate more on the research task at hand.


Here’s what you get:

  • a virtual server or machine (1 processor, 2Gb RAM, 50Gb disk space)
  • a fully managed environment, excluding applications
  • managed database hosting
  • managed operating systems – Linux or Windows only.

Additional Options

  • a physical server
  • managed rack space
  • external (internet) connectivity with full penetration testing.

Please note:

The separate segregated network exists to protect RMIT’s live production environments. The segregated network is shared by other commodity environments, so the stability of services may potentially be impacted.

Back-up, disaster recovery, monitoring and alerting capabilities are not available for these environments.


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