Tertiary transition experiences from students with mental health conditions.

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Understanding mental health conditions - RMIT University Disability Liaison Unit

  • incidence of mental illness
  • common conditions

Download Audio IconUnderstanding mental health conditions (MP3 8.24MB 7:11

Understanding mental health conditions (Word, 30kb, 2p)

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  • understanding the past
  • knowing how to reach out
  • benefits of the TAFE environment

Download Audio IconLara (MP3 22.2MB 19:26

Transcript of Lara (Word, 46kb, 7p)

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  • moving forward
  • life in context
  • a purpose for learning

Download Audio IconVicki (MP3 14.1MB 12:22

Transcript of Vicki (Word, 41kb, 4p)

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  • sharing the experience
  • focus on study
  • finding strength

Download Audio IconLaura (MP3 23.5MB 20:32

Transcript of Laura (Word, 48kb, 7p)

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  • the challenges of dyslexia
  • self management strategies
  • learning at TAFE

Download Audio IconKaren (MP3 14.1MB 12:22

Transcript of Karen (Word, 52kb, 8p)

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  • the school experience
  • finding a path
  • moving forward

Download Audio IconDavid (MP3 17.7MB 15:31

Transcript of David (Word, 59kb, 10p)

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  • reflections on the past
  • seeking support
  • the learning experience

Download Audio IconBelinda (MP3 12.3MB 10:49

Transcript of Belinda (Word, 47kb, 7p)

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  • sharing the experience
  • finding strength
  • success in learning

Download Audio IconRenee (MP3 25.1MB 21:59mins)

Transcript of Renne (Word, 54kb, 8p)

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  • finding strength
  • working with others
  • giving back

Download Audio IconAnne (MP3 26.2MB 22:57mins)

Transcript of Anne (Word, 52kb, 8p)

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