24 August 2015

Tyroe.com - where junior talent is discovered

Launched by the team behind the CG Student Awards, Tyroe.com is a free portfolio system and advanced job application system that connects you to the worlds' leading production studios.

At present there are countless of well-established portfolio systems and job boards available online. However, what the team behind Tyroe found was that these sites are all aimed at top-end professionals with killer portfolios and glowing LinkedIn profiles with more film credits than Samuel L. Jackson (148 to date). For an emerging artist like yourself, who is trying to establish oneself and gain experience, these platforms simply don't cater to your needs and you quickly get lost amongst the competition and never receive the exposure you deserve.

Another major hurdle faced by junior artists is the process of applying for jobs. More often than not, when you’re looking for work you send your application to every studio you can find online and simply wait by your computer for a bite. Not only does this flood recruitment teams with unsolicited applications, but at no stage do you actually find out if your application has been viewed, whether you have the right skills, if you could do something to improve your application, or even if the job has been filled.

This is where Tyroe.com comes into play. Their aim is to redefine how junior talent is discovered and help emerging artists cut through the competition.

Is Tyroe for you? Find out today at www.tyroe.com.

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