City of Melbourne Smoke-Free Survey: Outcome

In collaboration with RMIT University, the City of Melbourne conducted a community engagement study in 2016 to understand the public’s views and opinions - yours included - on making certain footpaths bordering RMIT University smoke-free.

After careful review, the City of Melbourne have decided that the RMIT smoke-free footpaths proposal will be put on hold until the implications of the State Government’s smoke-free outdoor dining legislation are fully understood when put into effect on 1 August 2017. A comprehensive community engagement report was developed which outlines the findings from the RMIT smoke-free footpaths proposal, and it has been noted that information within the report remains valid and will be referenced in future.

For further information regarding smoke free areas within Melbourne, please refer to

View the University’s media statement about the consultation.

The map below shows the proposed smoke-free footpaths in Melbourne’s CBD (indicated by purple shading).

Smoke-free footpath map