19 February 2014

First Site Student Exhibitions:
Tuesday 6 May – Friday 16 May 2014

RMIT Link Arts & Culture presents three new exhibitions as part of their fortnightly student exhibition series at First Site Gallery.

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First Site Gallery Student Exhibitions


First Site Gallery




Opening Night 17.30- 19.30


First Site Gallery, Basement of 344 Swanston St. City Campus.

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Gallery 1: Creaturely : Penny Darling

'Creaturely' is an installation of my recent sculptures and photographs. A creature is something that has been created, a creature of the imagination, not a human, but sub human.

My photographs examine how "Creaturely" the human body might be. My sculptures are animated, and they are a little repulsive, a little animalistic and very intriguing. They are my creatures, my little monsters, part animal and part human.

Image Credit: Tripod (detail), Penny Darling, 110x 45 x 45cm, Motion detector, electronics, stocking, soft fill, wire support, 2013.

Gallery 2: Subconscious Being : Zamara Robison

'Subconscious Being' deals with phycological terrain and explores the human psyche though a series of sculptural works.

The artist experiments with textural qualities, charged space and bodily form.

Image Credit: Swollen Thought, Zamara Robison, 25 x 100 x 25cm, Plaster, Nylon Stocking, Metal, 2013

Gallery 3:Observation and Normality : BadraAji

This series of photographs investigates the relationship between the observer and the observed.

The viewer is asked to look at the things they do and how they are normally performed. Normality can be found within these obscure portraits. Although, observation can also uncover a sense of discomfort and hint that something is not quite right.

Image Credit: Untitled #8, Badra Aji, 50.8x75.7cm, Type C Print, 2013

Opening Night: Tuesday 6 May. 5:30pm-7:30pm

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 6 May – Friday 16 May. 11am – 5pm.

Artist Talk: Friday 16 May. 1pm

For more information contact linkarts@rmit.edu.au

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