Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Establishing a Multi-dimensional Quality Framework for Assessing Workplace Learning

Project Leaders

Friederika Kaider

Funds Approved


Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

This LTIF project sought to investigate existing practices of assessing workplace learning at RMIT, as well as further the field, with a view of examining the suitability of these practices for a new learning paradigm. This new paradigm is one which extends learning beyond the classroom and into the workplace. Learning in the workplace sets a new context for learning, requires new skills to be learnt and necessitates a new application of academic learning. The study found, through the literature and surveys of students, academics and employers, that this new learning model also requires new assessment measures.

The assessment measures that are deemed suitable for assessing workplace learning take into consideration the specific workplace context of the learning; the development of generic professional skills required in the world of work; the application of discipline specific expertise to workplace tasks and projects; and a shift in responsibility for learning where the student is more self-directed, reflective and active; which is supported and nurtured by feedback from academics and workplace.

These considerations have been encapsulated in the Assessment CCARDS Framework (Context, Capabilities, Action Learning, Reflection, Developmental, Student-centred) which is intended to serve as guide for academics in the development of their assessment tools.

As WIL courses are new to some academics it is envisaged that through professional development workshops and other forums at RMIT, academics will have the opportunity to develop and customise suitable work based assessment for their WIL courses using the Assessment CCARDS as a reference point.

Further development and dissemination of this assessment framework will be pursued through learning and teaching forums, conferences and publications at RMIT: in the WIL field and in the general academic arena.

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