Strategic initiatives

A range of initiatives supporting and celebrating learning and teaching for sustainability exist within RMIT.

Learning and Teaching for Sustainability innovation projects

2016 projects

2015 projects

2014 projects

  • Dr Sarah Holdsworth (Project Leader)
    School of Property, Construction and Project Management, College of Design and Social Context
    Project title: Sustainability Beyond the Boundaries: Graduate Sustainability Industry Impact Study
  • Dr Jude Westrup (Project Leader)
    Office of Dean Learning and Teaching, Academic Portfolio
    Project title: Multidisciplinary, multimodal, mobile learning and e-assessment for Learning and Teaching for Sustainability. The ReLifing is available for all devices (phone, tablet and desktop) or download the ReLifing app from iTunes.

Learning and Teaching for Sustainability Fellowships

Learning and Teaching for Sustainability Fellowships are offered by the Office of Dean Learning and Teaching each year to leading RMIT educators from each college.

RMIT Teaching Awards

Teaching for sustainability is awarded each year at the annual RMIT Teaching and Research Awards ceremony.

A teaching award with a focus on sustainability was initiated, developed and awarded in 2014. The program-focused award falls in the Graduate Learning Outcomes (P9) category and is in recognition of excellence in “curriculum developments or innovations that enhance graduate learning outcomes in relation to one or more of RMIT’s Graduate Attributes”.

2010 database: Sustainability initiatives at RMIT

In 2010 a database of sustainability learning and teaching initiatives [XLS, 444 KB] at RMIT University was compiled for the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

The database identifies a range of examples in which environmental, social and economic sustainability is built into the curriculum at RMIT University. The examples are organised into the following sections:

  • Short courses and non-award programs
  • Degrees or Double Degrees
  • Postgraduate Studies
  • Innovative and successful approaches to teaching sustainability
  • Support and Leadership
  • Using the community or workplace as a site or source for learning about sustainability
  • Pathways and advanced standing from vocational education.

Sustainability modules

A module was developed by Barbara de la Harpe and Fiona Wahr (RMIT University, 2009) for ProsperNet - a university alliance sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies, United Nations University.