RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

1. Minimum standards for academic levels (MSAL)


Minimum standards for levels of academic staff, other than a casual, are set out below. The levels are differentiated by level of complexity, degree of autonomy, leadership requirements of the position and level of achievement of the academic. The responsibilities of academic staff may vary according to the specific requirements of the institution to meet its objectives, to different discipline requirements and/or to individual staff development.


An academic appointed to a particular level may be assigned and may be expected to undertake, responsibilities and functions of any level up to and including the level to which the academic is appointed or promoted. In addition, an academic may undertake elements of the work of a higher level in order to gain experience and expertise consistent with the requirements of an institution’s promotion processes.


MSAL will not be used as a basis for claims for reclassification.

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