Security and emergency support for RMIT events procedure

Intent and objectives

To define the levels of security and emergency management support provided at RMIT University Events & Venues.


This procedure applies to all RMIT University students and staff who request a venue for an event booking.


This procedure does not apply to any events that are not held by or on RMIT University premises.

Procedure steps and actions

RMIT University Events and Venues are responsible in managing all enquiries relating to booking a space or a University event.

RMIT University Events & Venues, Schools and Colleges, and Hirers cannot appoint any security services directly with the security contractor.

All requests for security resources must be forwarded and approved by RMIT Security Management prior to the event.

Security presence at events

The following events will require security presence at RMIT events based on the information forwarded prior.

  • Events in which alcohol is provided
  • Potential controversial subject matters
  • More than 50 attendees
  • Weekends, after hours, public holidays
  • VIP’s / Dignitaries (e.g. state, federal or international)
  • For any other reason (to be stated)

Event Organiser

Prior to the event, the Event Organiser will:

  • Forward the event management plan and any associated risk assessment to the RMIT Senior Manager, Security Services and Manager, Security Operations.

The Event Management Plan must clearly define any specific security requirements and any emergency management planning arrangements, including who the nominated first aider(s) are for the event, and emergency contact numbers of the event.


On the Occasion where security presence is required, the following actions must be conducted:

  • RMIT Security Management must review the supplied event risk assessment and management plan and may conduct a risk assessment from a security and emergency management perspective
  • RMIT Security Management will advise the Event Organiser on the need of appropriate levels of security for the event
  • RMIT Security Management is to provide a quotation from the service provider, for security services prior to event
  • Upon acceptance of security services quote, the booking request is finalised
  • RMIT Security Management will ensure that the security guards are appropriately dressed, briefed and prepared for the event
  • RMIT Security Management will ensure that the respective campus Security Team is fully briefed in regards to the event

Emergency Management

  • In accordance with the Organiser’s Event Management Plan, RMIT Security Management will ensure that any deployed security guards are fully briefed on emergency arrangements (e.g. escape routes, fire extinguishers, hose reels, etc.) prior to the commencement of the event
  • The Senior Security Guard will perform the role of Chief Warden should a security or emergency management incident occur during an event, the management and reporting of this will be in accordance with RMIT’s emergency and critical incidents policies and procedures
  • Security guards or other warden trained staff may be the appointed Emergency Wardens for the event. This is to be determined by RMIT University Events & Venues/or RMIT Security Services
  • RMIT Security Management will review any Emergency Management Plan for the event
  • The event security guards will ensure they are familiar with the location of the evacuation assembly area(s) and any other emergency management relevant aspects, specific for the event

First Aid

  • The Event Management Plan must clearly define who the nominated first aid providers are for the event, this maybe security or any other qualified personnel
  • The event security guard will ensure they have checked the location of first aid equipment for the event including the location and operation instructions for the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The AED may be wall mounted or a portable device provided for the event
  • All RMIT Security Guards are qualified First Aid Level 2 trained and are available to provide first aid assistance for events in accordance with the Event Management Plan

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