15 April 2015

Business Student Association

Business Student Association

The Business Student Association is a new RUSU affiliated student association supported by the College of Business.

The newly launched association is offering free memberships into a vibrant community where you can benefit from professional development opportunities and social events.

Representing all disciplines within the College of Business, the Business Student Association (BSA) is affiliated with:

Accounting Student Association (ASA)

Business Information System Student Association (BISSA)

Economics, Finance & Marketing Student Association (EFMSA)

Supply Chain Student Association (SCSA)

• School of Management (in progress).

Once you sign up with one of these associations, you will get access to all events held by BSA and your chosen association. You will also receive discount for tickets to the RMIT BSA Business Ball.

If you are a Vocational Education student, you are encouraged to join an association closest to your course.

To learn more, you can also join BSA Social BBQ on 20 April 2015.

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