Video transcript

Arthur Shelley provides an overview of how wikis are used in his knowledge management course.

Part 1: Creating a wiki.

Hi, I'd like to tell you about how to create a wiki. In a ... in a subsequent video, we'll tell you how to use the wiki. But for this one we'll focus on creating the wiki.

It's a very simple tool and you can create it in any content area that you ... that you like. For my classes, I actually have a 'Wiki' content area where I create it. So, in my wiki area, I have a bunch of wikis that the students use.

To create the wiki, all you need to do is to go into the control panel, select the content area that you actually want to create the wiki in and as I said, you can do it in any area. And then you have a list of the content within that area. Don’t add an item here because that will give you like an 'Announcement' type item.

To create a wiki, you need to go over to the far side and select a wiki and click the go button on the right hand corner here. Give your wiki a name - I'll just call this 'New Wiki' - and describe why the wiki is being used. That’s ... that’s helpful for the users. In this case, I'll just put that it's a demo.

Now, that is all you need to do to create the wiki. However, there's a couple of things that you would want to do in creating the wiki, in that determine what groups of people would want to see that ... you would want to see that wiki and use it. And you would just select the groups and click the add button so that they can actually see and use the wiki.

The other thing that you would like to do is allow members to export the wiki because they might want to look at it offline when they're not in the DLS. You want them to be able to view comments and to be able to write comments because then they can interact a lot more robustly on the wiki.

We now get a confirmation message to say the wiki has been created. And we see the new wiki here on the content area that you selected at the beginning and now, when we go back to our main Blackboard site, look in the 'Wiki' area, we have our new wiki. To go into the wiki, you just open that up and have a look at it and at this stage you can go on to edit it. We’ll cover editing in the second short video.