Awards offered at an RMIT offshore campus policy


Intent and objectives

To define a policy for awards offered at an RMIT offshore campus.


The ongoing development, delivery and continuous improvement of awards offered at RMIT’s offshore campuses within a common governance system.


Applicable to all RMIT awards offered at an RMIT Offshore campus.



Policy provisions

General assumptions

1. All awards are awards of RMIT University.

2. A shared vision of collaboration between RMIT University and RMIT’s offshore campuses underpins the quality of the delivery of RMIT awards globally.

3. Awards approved by RMIT University may be offered at an RMIT offshore campus subject to support from the relevant governing board, approval by Academic Board and approval by the Vice-Chancellor.

4. Pro Vice-Chancellors Academic and through their Deans/Heads of School:

a. Exercise academic leadership across the global RMIT academic community,

b. Are responsible for the academic quality and official results of RMIT awards hosted by their College in every location,

c. Ensure the meaningful involvement of staff in their respective disciplines.

5. Pro Vice-Chancellors Academic

a. Are linked to relevant Heads of Centre (or their equivalent) in the offshore campus through a dotted reporting lines,

b. Manage the necessary relationships between the Heads of Centre and the Deans/Heads of School.

6. Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellors Learning and Teaching

a. Chair College Academic Development Committees (ADCs),

b. Include the membership of staff from RMIT offshore campuses on their ADCs to ensure issues of educational quality are fully understood and discussed.

7. The Heads of Centre (or equivalent) at an offshore campus

a. Exercise academic leadership at the offshore campus,

b. Are responsible for working with the Pro Vice-Chancellors Academic (or nominee) and their Deans/Heads of School (or nominee) in assuring the academic quality of RMIT University awards delivered at the offshore campus and potentially in other areas in the region.

Academic governance

Ensuring the comparability of standards of awards offered by RMIT University at a number of locations will be achieved through:

1. Academic policies and procedures describing the responsibilities for awards offered at an offshore campus,

2. Staff with ex officio responsibilities at the offshore campus for monitoring equivalence and comparability of awards will be included as members of specified committees of RMIT University,

3. The offshore campus will develop an academic structure and mechanisms to report to the relevant RMIT committees evidence of equivalence and comparability of standards in RMIT awards.

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