RMIT Vietnam Program Development Fund 2012

Summary of projects

Project title

Master of Engineering Program Content Enhancement and Inter-Campus Transfer of Expertise for Specialist Courses Delivery and Professional Institution Accreditation

Project leader

  • Ms Chew Moi Tin, RMIT Vietnam
  • Mr Michael Manh, RMIT Melbourne

Project team

  • Dr Dang Trong Trinh, RMIT Vietnam
  • Mr Roy Ferguson, RMIT Melbourne
  • Professor Serge Demidenko, RMIT Vietnam
  • Adjunct Professor John Kneen, RMIT, Melbourne
  • Mr Barend Scholtus, RMIT Vietnam

Project summary

The 2012 RMIT Vietnam Program Development Fund Grant on project (IO: 380301): Master of Engineering Program Content Enhancement and Inter-Campus Transfer of Expertise for Specialist Courses Delivery and Professional Institute Accreditation, was successfully awarded on 25th July 2012, and the funding amount was $17,000

The funding has enabled the project team to enhance, customise and upgrade of course materials, and to exchange the associated education expertise between the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Melbourne (henceforth, the School) and The Centre of Technology in Vietnam (henceforth, the Centre).


The team’s achievements include:

  • Transfer from the Centre to the School, of teaching materials for EEET2401 Electronic Testing, Instrumentation and Measurement: development of additional lecture/tutorial materials and enhanced labs/projects (including hardware and software set-ups based on the common platform of National Instruments tools).
  • This pioneering course was developed in Vietnam to cater for the needs of the local industries such as Test and Assembly semiconductor companies. The team believes that this expertise transfer will be useful once the School decides to introduce a new elective course on Electronic Test Technology.
  • Delivery from the School to the Centre of lectures, tutorials and laboratory exercises for EEET2365 Microcomputer Systems Design. This is the pioneering state-of-the-art course on advanced ARM microcontroller unit programming and its application. RMIT Vietnam students and staff are greatly benefited from having Melbourne staff specialist personally delivering a two week intensive workshop at the start of a semester.
  • Transfer from the Centre to the School of course material for EEET2366 Electronic Design Automation and EEET2363 Integrated Circuit Design, in particular sections on Analog Design – expertise area, which is in high demand by the industry.
  • Development and implementation of joint supervision of capstone projects (EEET2354/EET2355 Professional Engineering Advanced Project Part A/B) for MEng students who start their projects in Vietnam for one semester and finish the project in Australia in the following semester.
  • In addition, the grant has also enabled collaborative development of application materials, transfer of expertise as well as assistance from the School/College to the Centre in developing its capacity for professional accreditations of Technology/Engineering programs offered in Vietnam.

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