Student Experience Survey FAQs

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What is the Student Experience Survey (SES)?

The SES is designed to capture feedback about the total student experience at RMIT. The survey is a census of all students in all programs. The instrument contains a set of core questions as the base of the survey to systematically evaluate the learning and learning experience.

The SES asks students to respond to quantitative questions, based on Likert scale, and also some qualitative questions. The survey is divided into two sections – The student experience of: 1. Learning and Teaching and 2. Campus life. The Learning and Teaching section asks questions about the Student Experience of their program of study. The Campus Life section asks questions about services, and where applicable, buildings and facilities.

The feedback is instrumental in ensuring the provision of essential support for university services within the Schools, Library, Property Services and Student Services.

What is the University Policy governing the SES?

The administration and reporting of the Student Experience Survey is governed by RMIT’s Student feedback procedure and Privacy and data protection policy.

When will the SES be delivered?

The SES will be delivered online for some programs in the first semester and most programs in the second half of each year for a duration of four weeks. The survey is administered as per the 2018 Academic and Survey Calendar (XLSX 44KB, 2p)

There are variants of the questionnaire for Higher Education, Vocational Education, Higher Degree Research, Offshore programs and Vietnam.

As I am studying for more than one year, will I be required to fill in an SES survey for each of my programs, for each year that I study?

From the first year to final year of study, we survey students studying in all programs. Students studying more than one program will receive only one SES. This is determined based on the program that has the highest Equivalent Full Time Student Load (EFTSL) or Student Contact Hours (SCH).

I have only just started my program. Do I still need to complete the survey?

The survey is administered to students who have completed at least one semester of their program. Except for programs surveyed in the first semester.

Will I receive an email to alert me to when the SES is open?

Yes, the SSC sends an email invitation with a unique URL to an individual student’s email account to complete the survey.

The web page froze when I was inserting the information. What can I do?

The survey is designed to save the information you have entered each time you progress to the next page, so when you do return to the survey, the information you have completed should be retained.

What do I do if I feel I do not know the answer to a question?

There is an ‘N/A’ response category, and further, there are qualitative questions where you can provide your feedback.

Can I receive a copy of the results?

Yes, the data from the surveys is analysed and electronic reports are generated for students’ to view on the SSC website at the end of each semester (your student login is required for access).

Will anyone be able to identify me from the results?

As per the Student Feedback Procedure, survey data is aggregated for reporting purposes. Only the Survey Services Centre is able to link the responses to individual students and this is for the purposes of combining the data for meaningful reporting. Individual responses are not disseminated beyond the SSC except in the rare circumstance where RMIT is required to do so by law.

Your personal information and the feedback you give is always handled in accordance with privacy legislation and our Privacy and data protection policy.

Do my teachers receive an individual electronic copy of the aggregated reports and written comments?

Results from the SES are aggregated to Program, School, College and University level for reporting purposes. No individuals are able to be identified.

Will I be able to distinguish between individual teachers/instructors when providing my feedback?

The SES asks you questions about your program. It is designed to capture the overall experience of your program, rather than focus on the strengths or weaknesses of individual teachers/instructors. Further, qualitative questions are included where additional feedback may be recorded.

How will the data be used? Does RMIT University act on the feedback?

Yes, we take student feedback very seriously and use it for making improvements to your program of study and university facilities. This includes online resources, provision of longer library opening hours, additional outdoor lawn space and renovations to buildings. The results of the SES can be found at RMIT Student Experience Survey.