Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

Assessing industry experience as part of entry requirements for a Masters coursework program

Project Leader

Professor Margaret Jackson

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Joan Richardson
  • Joann Cattlin

Project Summary

This project will develop a framework for assessing skills, knowledge and application, including work experience, that can be taken into account when assessing for entry to coursework masters programs. The project will identify what criteria and processes are currently used in assessing applicants’ work experience and entry skills for those coursework masters programs at RMIT that do not require applicants to possess a prior undergraduate degree, and use these to develop best practice approaches. The project will focus on masters degrees in the Schools of Business IT and Logistics and Graduate School of Business and Law. The outcomes of this project will be a manual of processes for the assessment of prior skills and knowledge, advice how these relate to the course content and the teaching approaches used, and how applicants can best provide evidence of these skills and knowledge to assess entry criteria.

Download full report [PDF, 465 KB, 24 pages]