RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

42. Annual leave


An employee will be entitled to 20 days annual leave for each year of service, calculated pro-rata for any period of service less than one year.


No deduction will be made from annual leave credits for any holiday as prescribed in clause 50 that falls within a period of annual leave.


Annual leave accrued but not taken will be paid to an employee upon the termination of employment or to the employee’s legal representative in the event of death. Payment will be made for each completed year of service plus a pro-rata amount for the current year, calculated on a daily basis.


Annual leave granted in advance before accrual will, where the employee leaves the University’s service, be deducted from termination payments or otherwise repaid by the employee.


Annual leave is to be taken at a mutually agreed time having regard to operational requirements and the employee’s wishes, provided that the employee will be entitled to take the leave as a single continuous period.


It is expected that 20 days leave will be taken during the year in which it is accrued.


The University will advise each employee of her or his accrued leave credits and will notify an employee when the balance exceeds 25 days. Within 20 working days of receiving this notification, the employee will submit a leave plan to the supervisor that reduces and maintains the balance to 20 or less days. The plan will not be unreasonably refused by the supervisor. Where agreement is not reached or the employee fails to submit the plan by the due date, the University will direct the employee to take any leave over 20 days on dates nominated by the University and the leave balance will be adjusted accordingly.


Nothing in this clause affects the University’s right to direct fixed term employees to take their full annual leave entitlement during the term of the contract.

42.9 Annual Leave Loading


An employee who has qualified for four weeks leave as at 30 November in any year will receive in respect of that leave a loading of 17.5% of four weeks salary up to a maximum amount equivalent to the Commonwealth Statisticians average weekly total earnings of all males (Australia) for the September quarter preceding the date of payment (pro-rata).


An employee whose employment commenced after 1 December in any year and/or terminated before 30 November will be paid the loading calculated for each completed month of continuous service.


The loading will be paid on the first payday in December or on the date of termination of employment.

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