01 May 2015

Our work in the field

Find out how we’re managing our planned maintenance and bringing our teams together to improve efficiency.


Managing maintenance better

In order to keep our systems safe and secure, planned maintenance is critical. For ITS, the goal is to achieve this with the least disruption. One way we do this is by taking a consolidated, forward view of system changes – batching activities together to get maximum value and removing duplication from maintenance windows.

Recent work performed on the 17-19 April is a good example of this approach. By collaborating with business stakeholders, ITS was able to bundle a number of changes across the weekend - including Disaster Recovery testing, firmware and printing upgrades, wireless network improvements, system releases and new vulnerability patching.

Not only does this work improve the health and reliability of our systems, it means future unplanned disruptions can be limited.

Bringing our field teams together

When it comes to on the ground IT customer support, ITS have two teams providing a similar service - the ITS managed AV team from Insight Systems, and our Field Services team for escalated hands-on IT assistance.

In a bid to improve operational efficiency and consistency in customer experience, these teams are coming together.

The realignment means we’ll be able to work smarter and improve the relationship we have with customers by offering combined AV and IT problem resolution - so customers are dealing with one team without the hand offs. There’s also logistics gains to be made and benefits in managing our infrastructure assets across campus.

[Source: Russell Burgess, ITS]