19 February 2014

First Site Student Exhibitions:
Tuesday 22 April – Friday 2 May 2014

RMIT Link Arts & Culture presents three new exhibitions as part of their fortnightly student exhibition series at First Site Gallery.

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First Site Gallery Student Exhibitions


First Site Gallery




Opening Night 17.30- 19.30


First Site Gallery, Basement of 344 Swanston St. City Campus.

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Gallery 1: 'In Search of Lost Time': 9:46am Mt Martha Beach : Cassandra Gill.

It is inherently human to search for something that is lost. Like Proust's novel 'In Search of Lost Time', I investigate the temporality of moments, in particular, referencing tiny details of information that are so easily overlooked.

I navigate this exploration through this fragile and transient landscape, questioning the value of memory with reference to contemporary society and explore what it means to search for something that is lost.

Image Credit: 'In Search of Lost Time': 9:46am Mt Martha Beach, Cassandra Gill, Detail, 2013

Gallery 2: Dysfunctional Comfort: Tricia Page

dys•func•tion•al -Adjective

Not operating normally or properly.

com•fort - noun

1.A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint: 2.Consolation for grief or anxiety: of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

Courtesy of Oxford Dictionary.

Image Credit: Blanket, Tricia Page, 170x50cm, Blanket, foam, cotton, 2013.

Galley 3: Transfiguration: Diandra Irawan

An object can be captured as an image, an illustration or document. This conversion from three dimensional to a flat image is a common process in the field of art, revealing notions of transfiguration and change.

It reveals the sustaining growth of an abstract image into objects and vice versa. Painting, sculptures and installation are parts of one entity implying of transformation.

Image Credit: Colour Block Sculptures, Diandra Irawan, various, Plaster & acrylic. 2013

Opening Night: Tuesday 22 April. 5:30pm-7:30pm

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 23 April – Friday 2 May. 11am – 5pm.

Artist Talk: Friday 2 May. 1pm

For more information contact linkarts@rmit.edu.au

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First Site Gallery presents three new exhibitions from Tuesday 8 April 2014.