Keep it safe on public transport

Have you noticed Protective Services Officers (PSOs) at a train station near you?

They have the power to issue on-the-spot fines for public transport infringements and behavioural offences, such travelling without a ticket, swearing or drinking in public.

Fines are expensive! Expect to pay at least:

  • $212 for travelling without a valid ticket
  • $1000 for carrying a knife
  • $276 for being drunk in public or behaving in a disorderly way
  • $700 for having a spray can on public transport.

Avoid offences that may lead to a fine. Keep your Myki validated when you are travelling on public transport and be respectful of others in public places.

If you do receive a fine, check out this fact sheet for information about what to do next.

For free legal assistance, contact the Student Legal Service today.