As a sessional staff member, you are a professional and a discipline expert. However, you may have little understanding of the university context. RMIT is a tertiary institution offering Vocational Education (VE) and Higher Education (HE) programs. At RMIT, a program is the qualification being studied which is made up of specific courses for HE programs or Units of Competency for VE programs.

Course and program guides

At RMIT, all courses and programs are underpinned by the program and course design policy. Program guides provide campus-focused information about academic structure, learning goals and resources, graduate capabilities and careers pathways. Each course offering has a specific course guide that comprises two parts:

  • Part A provides a publically available, high level overview of the course including the description, credit points, an overview of assessment, resources and learning outcomes.
  • Part B contains the detailed information, such as teacher and learner directed hours and delivery mode, the weekly teaching schedule, and detailed information about assessment tasks and submission dates and appropriate learning resources.

Be sure to acquaint yourself with relevant program and course guides.

Program guides

Course guides

Understanding course coordination and program management

Key dates for the academic year and professional development opportunities

Academic integrity

Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship through respecting the work of others, whilst having the freedom to build new insights, knowledge and ideas. As a sessional, it is important that you uphold the values of academic integrity as part of your teaching activities at RMIT.

Academic integrity is compromised when students plagiarise, cheat, use other people’s work or purchase other people’s work and pretend it is their own. The Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Procedure outlines staff and student responsibilities and further information and resources are available on the Academic Integrity website.

Get your class lists

Class lists are available through the Student Timetabling System (login required). From the Staff options, select Generate class lists and other reports (new version), then the Other reports tab. From here, select your appropriate academic organisation from the dropdown menu, then the continue button. From the reports page, select class list, then fill in the search criteria and select your tute. You can download the list or view on screen.