Inclusive conversation series

Resources from the inclusive conversations series workshops to promote ongoing discussion around what it means to be inclusive in teaching practice.

Pirate pedagogy: Inclusive teaching project launch

Professor James Arvanitakis (University of Western Sydney) talks about inclusion and exclusion and shares his personal perspectives on inclusive approaches as both a learner and teacher.

Killing your PowerPoints and engaging students

Professor James Arvanitakis (University of Western Sydney) challenges traditional pedagogies by teaching 'like a pirate'. This workshop focused on how to engage a changing student cohort by being resourceful and adapting teaching to the learning environment.

Inclusive teaching strategies using social media

Professor James Arvanitakis (University of Western Sydney) discusses innovative pedagogical approaches using social media as a means to include those most likely to be excluded, as well as encouraging already advanced students to thrive.

Engaged pedagogies for engaging diverse students: What works?

Associate Professor Katie Hughes (Victoria University) provided an analysis of the policy environment around inclusion and models explicit pedagogies to use in the classroom using Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) methodology.

Reflecting on teaching

Dr Helen Smith (RMIT) worked with Associate Degree staff (BUS) to reflect and share teaching experiences, and developed action plans to support continuous improvement in program design and delivery.

Teaching to large classes

Professor James Arvanitakis (University of Western Sydney) discussed the challenges of teaching to large classes and modelled various activities including; the ‘out-of-office-reply’; the ‘wheel of fortune’ teaching model; and activities to get students talking.

The flipped classroom

Associate Professor Carl Reidsema (University of Queensland) and Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh (University of Queensland) delivered a session on using the flipped classroom approach as a way of engaging students.

Teaching and assessing reflective learning

Associate Professor Mary Ryan (Queensland University of Technology) delivered a lecture and workshops on supporting students to engage in critical reflection using the 4R model, and introduced pedagogical patterns for staff to use to scaffold and assess reflective practice.

Enhancing engagement between diverse cohorts of students

Dr Shanton Chang (University of Melbourne) delivered a workshop on strategies to enhance interaction between diverse student cohorts, with a particular focus on domestic and international student cohorts.

Engaged pedagogies

Associate Professor Katie Hughes (Victoria University) and Claire Brown (Victoria University) delivered a workshop to RMIT Associate Degree staff to model explicit pedagogy using Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) strategies.

Peer learning for staff: Peer partnerships for academic language

Dallas Wingrove (DSC), Angela Clarke (DSC), Claudio Marasco (BUS) and Paul Cerotti (BUS) delivered a collaborative workshop on peer partnerships and showcased successful implementation of peer partnerships in the College of Business.

Teach the task: Groupwork

Dr Paula Keogh (Study and Learning Centre) delivered a workshop on process-oriented teaching strategies as a way of developing students’ group work skills.

Engaging diverse students in Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Jacqueline Mackaway delivered a workshop in collaboration with Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) on strategies to translate inclusive education principles into the WIL context in order to improve student access, participation and progression.