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Science, Engineering and Health

Dr Cate Gribble is a Senior Research Fellow in the Science Engineering and Health Education Research (SHEER) Centre, College of Science Engineering and Health (SEH)


Dr Cate Gribble is an internationally recognised expert in the field of international higher education. Cate's research focusses on international student mobility, migration and employability. She has worked extensively with international students, employers, professional organisations, government and universities. In 2015, she was awarded the inaugural World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE) inaugural research award to investigate international students' experiences of work integrated learning in Australia and Canada. Other current projects include an investigation of employability in different cultural contexts (funded by the UK Society for Research in Higher Education) and the 'New Colombo Plan: Australians as international students in Asia', with colleagues from Deakin University and The University of Adelaide. Cate is the author of 'Enhancing the Employability of International Graduates: A Guide for Australian Education Providers', which is sponsored by the Victorian Government Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

Key activities

  • Undertake research activities in line with RMIT's research strategy that emphasises innovative research that builds stronger connections between research, knowledge, curriculum design, teaching and assessment strategies and that creates impact through collaboration
  • Advise, plan and develop high quality research projects and to contribute to documentation and dissemination of research outcomes that are aligned with the University's research focus areas.
  • Embed research expertise into the College through the development of high quality, productivity-driven research networks across RMIT and with local and national, internal and external partners.
  • Engage in high quality research projects, attract external competitive research funding and produce high quality outputs.

Research interests

International student mobility and migration; transnational education; teaching and learning in international education; internationalisation of the curriculum; graduate employability; higher education policy


  • BA, Monash University
  • M Ed, Monash University
  • PhD, University of Melbourne

Profiles on social media

  • Twitter: @CateGribble
  • LinkedIn
  • Academia



  • International trends in learning abroad. Commissioned by IEAA to author 'International trends in learning abroad' report as part of Universities Australia's World Class' strategy .
  • University Australia-NAGCAS workshops on student mobility and career developmentFacilitated workshops in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland & Western Australia. 

  • Universities Australia WIL Case Studies. Development of 10 Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Case Studies for WIL website for Universities Australia
  • Reporting from APAIE for i-graduate and the OBHE. Preparation of a commentary piece drawing on key conference themes and tweeting on behalf of i-graduate and OBHE throughout the event
  • RMIT Careers Success Project. Development of an academically rigorous research project to provide RMIT Careers and Employability with a strong research and evidence base to inform the development and delivery of career development interventions that will improve the employability of students from low SES backgrounds
  • UNSW Gap Analysis: Mobility 2025. Analysis of outbound mobility trends to 2025, defining mobility in the UNSW context to understand global competence and related diversity and inclusion initiatives relating to mobility, overall report writing and analysis to integrate findings and determine recommendations .


  • Cultural perspectives, credentialism and graduate employability in the field of accounting. CPA Australia Global Research Perspectives Program (with Ly Tran & Jill Blackmore, Deakin)
  • The impact of post study work rights on international students in Australia. Deakin Central Research Grant (with Ly Tran, Deakin and George Tan, University of Adelaide)
  • Enhancing the Employability of International Graduates: A Guide for Australian Education Providers. Commissioned by the IEAA to author a guide for institutions on how to enhance the employability of international graduates .
  • Creating a Climate for Global WIL from the employer, student and institutional perspective. WACE inaugural research grant (with Norah McRae, University of Victoria, Canada)
  • New Colombo Plan: Australians as International Students in Asia. Deakin Development Research Grant (with Ly Tran, Deakin, and Glen Stafford, University of Adelaide.


  • Exploring 'employability' in different cultural contexts. UK Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Scoping Award ($10,000)
  • Investigating the use of IELTS in determining employment, migration and professional registration outcomes in healthcare and early childhood education in Australia. International English Language Testing System (IELTS): Joint funded research program.


  • Discussion paper 3: Outcomes – English language and the transition to work or study. Engaged to co-author key discussion paper on for an IEAA national symposium on the English language competence of international students.


  • Internships and Work Experience Opportunities for International Students. Consultancy for Department of Business and Innovation, Victorian State Government


Book chapters

  • Gribble, C., Blackmore, J. & Rahimi, M. (2016). International students and post study employment: The impact of university and host community engagement on the employment outcomes of international students in Australia. In C. Gomes & L. Tran (eds.), International Student Connectedness and Identity: Transnational Perspectives, Cultural Studies and Transdisciplinarity in Education Series, Springer (in press)
  • Gribble, C. & McRae, N. (2016). Creating a Climate for Global WIL: Barriers to participation and strategies for enhancing international students' involvement in WIL in Canada and Australia. In G. Barton & K. Hartwig (eds.), Professional Learning in the Work Place for International Students. Springer (in press)
  • Gribble, C. & Tran, L. (2015). Connecting and re-connecting with Vietnam: Migration, Vietnamese overseas communities and social media. In C. Gomes (eds.), Multiethnic Southeast Asia and Social Media: Identity, Ethnicity, Community and Migration. Anthem Press (in press)
  • Gribble, C. (2010). National Policies in Skilled Labour and The Cross-Border Student Market, with a focus on Vietnam. In S. Marginson, S. Kaur and E. Sawir (eds.), Higher education in the Asia-Pacific: Strategic Responses to Globalization (pp.291-308). Dordrecht: Springer.

Journal articles

  • Blackmore, J., Gribble, C., & Rahimi, M. (2015). International education, the formation of capital and graduate employment: Chinese accounting graduates' experiences of the Australian labour market. Critical Studies in Education, 1-20.
  • Gribble, C., Blackmore, J., & Rahimi, M. (2015). Work integrated learning: employer and international business and accounting students experiences of Australian universities. Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning, 5(4), 401-416.
  • Ziguras, C. & Gribble, C. (2014). Policy Responses to Address Student 'Brain Drain': An Assessment of Measures Intended to Reduce the Emigration of Singaporean International Students. Journal of Studies in International Education, 1-19.
  • Gribble, C., & Blackmore, J. (2012). Re-positioning Australia's international education in global knowledge economies: implications of shifts in skilled migration policies for universities, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 34(4), 341-354.
  • Gribble, C. (2008). Policy options for managing international student migration: the sending country's perspective. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 30(1), 25 –39.
  • Gribble, C., & McBurnie, G. (2007). Problems with Singapore's Global Schoolhouse. International Higher Education, 48.
  • Gribble, C., & Ziguras, C (2003). Learning to teach offshore: pre-departure training for lecturers in transnational programs. Higher Education Research and Development, 22(2), 205-16.


  • Gribble, C. & Tran, L. (2016). International trends in learning abroad. International Education Association Australia & Universities Australia.
  • Gribble, C. (2015). Enhancing the Employability of International Graduates: A Guide for Australian Education Providers. Commissioned for the IEAA National Symposium on Employability.
  • Gribble, C. (2015). IEAA International Employability Symposium: Outcomes Report. International Education Association Australia.
  • Blackmore, B., Gribble, C., Farrell, L., Rahimi, M., Arber, R. & Devlin, M. (2014). Australian international graduates and the transition to employment. Final Report for the ARC Linkage Project LP0990815. Funded by the Australian Research Council and IDP Pty Ltd.
  • Gribble, C. (2014). Employment, Work Placements and Work Integrated Learning of International Students in Australia. Research Digest Series: International Education Association Australia.
  • Humphreys, P. & Gribble, C. (2013). Discussion paper 3: Outcomes – English language and the transition to work or study. Paper prepared for Five Years On: English Language Competence of International Students, IEAA National Symposium.
  • Murray, D., Blackmore, J., Gribble, C., & Hall, R. (2012) Internships and work placement opportunities for international students in Victoria. Melbourne: International Education Association of Australia.
  • Pannan, L., Gribble, C., & Barnes, D. (2005). Improving offshore teaching models to promote offshore-to-onshore equivalence in learning outcomes. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training.

Conference papers/seminars

  • Gribble, C. & McRae, N. (2016). Creating a Climate for Global WIL. WACE Second Annual Research Symposium. Victoria, Canada. June 12-15.
  • Lawrence, R. & Gribble, C. (2016). Employability in the innovation age: Equipping international students with global employability skills. Asia Pacific Association of International Education Conference, Melbourne, February 29 - March 3.
  • Tran, L., Gribble, C. & Stafford, G. (2016). New Colombo Plan: Australians as International Students in Asia. Asia Pacific Association of International Education Conference, Melbourne, February 29 - March 3.
  • Gribble, C., Thomason, R. & Tan, G. International graduate employability across industry: an exploration of the wine, accounting, health and early childhood education sectors. Australian International Education Conference, Adelaide, October 7-10.
  • Owens, R., Lambert J., Gribble, C. & Baweja, N. (2015). Are all internships created equal? Mapping the internships minefield from different perspectives. Australian International Education Conference, Adelaide, October 7-10.
  • Gribble, C. & McRae, N. (2015). Creating a climate for global work-integrated learning: the international student perspective. European Association International Conference, Glasgow, September 15-18.
  • Gribble, C. & Blackmore, J. (2015). Graduate employability & international students in Australia (invited guest speaker). Industry Engagement & Employability Conference, Sydney, August 26-27.
  • Gribble, C. (2015). Launch of the IEAA Employability Guides. The 2015 OBHE Australian international seminar. Melbourne, July 9
  • Gribble, C., Tran, L., Dempsey, K., & Firth, O. (2014). Work experience and internships: challenges, opportunities and best practice in the field. Australian International Education Conference, Brisbane, October 7-10.
  • Gribble, C. (2014). Understanding the issues surrounding international students and employment in nursing, engineering and accounting (invited guest speaker). British Council's Education Intelligence Research Forum. Brisbane, October 6.
  • Gribble, C. (2014). International Students and Work Integrated learning (invited guest speaker). OLT Project, Building institutional capacity to enhance access, participation and progression in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Webinar Series, September 3.
  • Blackmore, J. & Gribble, C. (2014). Australian international graduates and the transition to employment: Findings from a three year study (invited keynote presentation). Outcomes of International Education: 6th Mid-Winter International Education Researchers' Seminar, Melbourne: La Trobe University, July 14.
  • Gribble, C., Jacka, L., & Arthur, N. (2013). Improving the Employability of International Graduates. Canadian Bureau of International Education Conference, Vancouver, November 17-20.
  • Gribble, C. & Blackmore, J. & Rahimi, M. (2013). From Beijing to the Big 4: The Journey of Chinese Accounting Graduates into the Australian Labour Market. Building Capabilities in Education and Educational Research Symposium, Beijing: Renmin University, October 15-17.
  • Gribble, C. (2013). From Beijing to the Big 4: The Journey of Chinese Accounting Graduates into the Australian Labour Market. Australian International Education Conference, Canberra, October 8-11.
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In the media

Media articles

Media comment

  • Job market dire for foreign students, Outlet: The Australian Financial Review, Tuesday, October 28, 2014.
  • Work experience for overseas students challenges uni sector, Outlet: The Australian Newspaper, Tuesday, February 25, 2014.
  • Indifferent outcomes for Chinese Graduates, Outlet: The Australian Newspaper, Tuesday, July 3, 2013.
  • Foreign students struggle to work, Outlet: The Age Newspaper, Tuesday July 23, 2012.
  • OS students hurt by lack of English, Outlet: The Age Newspaper, Sunday, December 18, 2011.

Professional membership and activities


  • Higher Education Research and Development Vocations and Learning
  • Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management
  • Journal of Population Research
  • Journal of Studies in International Education
  • Critical Studies in Education
  • European Management Review


  • International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) Research Committee
  • Board of directors of the Journal of International Students.
  • Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)
  • Migration and Mobility Research Network (MMRN)