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Peter Holyoake

Peter is an experienced corporate board-level manager now a sessional lecturer and business mentor.


Peter is teaching in the Diploma of Commerce and Associate Degree programs. Principle subjects are Marketing Principles (1st year) and International Business (2nd year) for which he is also the Subject Coordinator.


Available from Monday to Thursday. Monday is the preferred day for student consultations.


  • Diploma in Vocational Education and Training (Aust)
  • Diploma in Training Delivery and Design (Aust)
  • Masters in Business Administration (UK)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing (UK)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Management (UK)

Industry experience

Most of Peter’s career has been involved with the UK Travel and Tourism sector. Peter started working life as a management trainee with the international travel organisation Thomas Cook, Peter went on to senior and eventually board level management roles in a number of Travel and Tourism organisations: these included a sales and operations role at one of the UK’s six big national travel chains and both marketing and general management positions in the travel industry’s main training provider and also its principle Public Relations Consultancy.

Peter spent 2 years as the Director of Tourism on the Isle of Wight, which is England’s 6th largest tourism destination before establishing his own marketing consultancy.

After arriving in Australia in 2004, Peter managed the First Aid Training and Qualifications business of Ambulance Victoria and in 2008, moved on to St John Ambulance Victoria to take up a similar role.

In addition to his teaching at RMIT, Peter is a mentor with Victoria’s Small Business mentoring Service providing pro-bono advice to small businesses.