48/52 week employment cycle procedure

Intent and objectives

To outline the University’s approach to 48/52 week employment cycle and the process of applying for leave.


This procedure applies to 48/52 week employment cycle arrangements for all staff.

Procedure steps and actions



A 48/52 week employment cycle will enable a staff member to take four weeks leave in addition to the normal four weeks of annual leave in a year and receive 48 weeks salary, which would be payable over 52 weeks.

All periods of paid leave will accrue at the rate of 48/52 of the employee's full-time equivalent salary for that 12 month period during the 48/52 week employment cycle.

  • Discuss leave arrangement with manager.
  • Consult with Human Resources, prior to entering into a 48/52 week employment cycle to discuss the effect on salary arrangements and superannuation.
  • Complete a ‘change to work arrangement’ form and submit to the manager
  • If approved, apply via ESS.

Staff member

The following issues should be taken into account when considering a staff member’s application to participate in the scheme:

  • the principle of increasing employment flexibility for staff members
  • no or minimal additional cost to RMIT
  • operational requirements
  • impact on the work group
  • leave balances and
  • reason for requesting participation

In specific circumstances a staff member and RMIT may agree to a more flexible employment cycle arrangement, provided it does not extend beyond a 46/52 week employment cycle for a twelve month period.


Process the approved application and notify the staff member in writing of:

  • the commencement and conclusion dates of their 12 month participation in the scheme; and
  • their 48/52 annual and fortnightly salary rate

Human Resources

Renewal process-48/52 week employment cycle

  • Discuss the option of renewing the 48/52 employment cycle with the manager.
  • Submit a new application form to the manager at least eight weeks prior to the cessation of their current 12 month participation period.

Staff member

  • Notify Human Resources if a staff member’s continuing participation in the scheme is approved.
  • Provide details of the proposed leave to be taken by the staff member at least 4 weeks prior to the cessation of the staff member’s current 12 month application date.


Ceasing the 48/52 Arrangement

  • Revert the staff member’s salary to the normal 52/52 rate at the conclusion of the 12 month period unless documentation is received in advance, specifying a further 12 month period of participation is approved.

Human Resources

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