Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

The Research of Simulated Learning Practice Across RMIT University

Project Leaders

Noel Maloney

Project Summary

This LTIF project researched the dominant types of simulations in the current literature and then reviewed those that are commonly used in teaching across a range of both HE and TAFE programs at RMIT University. It also reviewed learning models appropriate to the critique and development of simulation.

A literature review of simulation taxonomies and of learning theory was

undertaken and then applied to the review or use of simulations. A two stage interview methodology was used to profile the types of simulation being used in learning and teaching across RMIT University to identify advantages, problems and best practice, with a specific focus on learning design. Following this review, an online learning and teaching resource was created to assist teachers in developing, delivering, assessing and reviewing simulations more effectively. As part of the project, strategies were developed for disseminating this resource, to support staff embedding simulations into their existing courses/programs and to offer further support with mentoring and possible professional development.


  • A learning and teaching resource on Blackboard designed to inspire, inform and assist instructional designers, academic advisors and teachers in the development and management of educational simulations.
  • The resource contains a directory of simulations in use across RMIT University, more detailed best practice case studies, pedagogical models, guidelines, taxonomy of simulation types and an annotated bibliography.
  • A literature review with particular attention to taxonomies of simulations, as well as learning theories to underpin their use in education. Three broad categories of simulations are identified:
    • Procedural Simulations
    • Tactical Simulations
    • Social Process Simulations.
  • The project outcomes, and the Blackboard learning and teaching resource will be promoted through, VET Link and through academic development groups. It is recommended that academic advisors will own this resource, forming a community of practice to facilitate the application of it. A pilot application of this resource is planned in the School of Design TAFE this year.

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