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News for Students is an online communications channel featuring news items that can enrich the life of a student on and off campus. It can be in the form of an opportunity, activity or competition.

Publication of news:

  • A news item is generally published five working days after it is submitted and on the proviso that the above conditions for submission have been met.
  • A maximum of three news items are published per day.

Conditions of submission:

  • Must be written in the second person, addressing the student directly using 'you' instead of 'student'.
  • Must be student-related or about a student or a student activity.
  • If it is an offering/opportunity, it must be genuine and have some tangible benefit for students.
  • Must not be detrimental or potentially detrimental to a student’s health, wellbeing, welfare or financial situation.
  • Must not be racist, sexist, defamatory or discriminatory.
  • Must not involve a conflict of interest with any of RMIT’s current agreements.
  • Must have permission to use the image supplied.
  • RMIT reserves the right to edit any submission.
  • RMIT reserves the right not to publish any submission.

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