Mr Peter Meaney


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City campus


College of Design and Social Context


Senior Lecturer in Physical and Sport Education.

M.Ed(Manchester University).,

B.Ed(La Trobe University).,

Dip.Phys.Ed., (London University)

Cert.Ed., (London University)

Cert.SecEd. (London University)

Teaching/Work responsibilities

Program Manager for the Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary)

Course Coordinator for:-




CUED1184 Physical Education Method A (Secondary)

CUED1200 Physical Education method B (Secondary)

peter meaney

Research Interests

Teacher Education

Sport Psychology

Physical and Sport Education

Competitive Sports

Research Projects, Consultancy and Student Project

“Competitive Sports Stress in Pre-Adolescent Children. A study of the sports achievement goals of children and their parents”. (PhD thesis)

“An investigation to determine the role of feedback information in the effective learning of cardiopulmonary resuscitation” (Laerdal, Norway)

“Paraplegia and the Rehabilitation Process.” (London University)

Overseas consultancy

Consultant to the Nauruan Upgrading Teachers' Course Project 1991 - 1992 and 1995

Consultant to the Papua New Guinea Amateur Swimming Association – 1996

Consultant to the Kao-Chen International Group Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei – 2001


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Meaney, P., (2003) Bluearth Teacher Development Training Manual

Plus, a number of written contributions and instruction manuals for the Physical and Sport Education Program eg for the National Heart Foundation.

Awards (Design and Other)

2002 Australian Sporting Achievement Award

Inaugural Life Member of the Victorian Aquatic Industry Council

Service to Aquatic Education

Award of Appreciation for Outstanding Service for Aquatic Resource Development