Proposed change in the workplace

1. A change is proposed in the workplace, which likely to affect the health and safety of employees.
Section 31.2c of the Victorian Health and Safety Act 2004 requires an employer to "consult the Health and Safety representative of a designated work group on all proposed changes to the workplace, the plant or substances used at the workplace, or the conduct of work at the workplace that may affect the health and safety of any member of the designated work group".

2. The relevant supervisor or manager consults the Health and Safety representative on the proposed change.

3. Health and Safety representative and supervisor/manager agree on change being implemented.



4. Supervisor/manager formally notifies Health and Safety representative, employees in the designated work group, and the relevant OH&S committee, of change

If agreement on the proposed change cannot be reached, use Issue Resolution Process (start at step 3).

5. Occupation Health and Safety committee notes change in the workplace, and may make about implementation.

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