Attendance at Council meetings

1.1 As CEO and an ex officio member of Council, the Vice-Chancellor is in attendance at all committee meetings for other than in camera items, with the exception of Audit and Risk Management Committee (see below).

1.2 The Audit and Risk Management Committee can invite any persons, including management and officers of the University, external and internal auditors, or others to attend the meetings of the Committee and may refer matters deemed to require attention directly to the appropriate executive officers. Therefore, the Vice-Chancellor and other officers of the University attend this Committee only by invitation of the Chair.

1.5 Other than the above, attendance at Council or Committee meetings by University staff is by invitation of the Vice-Chancellor, or by the Chancellor or Committee Chair through the Vice-Chancellor. Staff attend Committee meetings only for relevant items unless otherwise agreed. The Vice-Chancellor will advise the University Secretary of staff attendance in advance of the meeting.