01 August 2014

Are you an artist in transit?

Artist Julie Andrews is inviting you to grab a pen, turn your trip to uni into a sketch and share it with others at the ‘Artist in Transit’ exhibition.

Event details


Artist in Transit


to 07 August, 2014


Closing event on 07 August, 2014 at 12.30 pm


Spiritual Centre, building 11, level 1, City campus

Further details

Artist Julie Andrews knows that trains and trams are the perfect place for noticing, daydreaming, escaping and contemplating. She is calling on all RMIT students to express their thoughts, daydreams and contemplations from their daily commute as part of her exhibition ‘Artist in Transit’.

Come along, grab a blank postcard and sketch whatever runs through your mind on your long trip. Your sketch will be displayed with other fabulous masterpieces to give a collective insight into a very public yet introspective space. Not much of a sketcher? There will be plenty of artworks you can check out.

All drawings by participants will be offered as an anonymous gift from one traveller to another at the closing events.

For more information, go to Julie Andrews – Art Page.

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Artist in Transit

Artist Julie Andrews is inviting students to grab a pen and get sketching at ‘Artist in Transit’