Videoconferencing equipment

Videoconferencing equipment

RMIT has over 80 videoconferencing facilities in a range of videoconferencing venues.

Videoconferencing can be conducted directly between two locations, known as 'point-to-point', or among up to four locations, known as 'multipoint'.

Connection requirements for non-RMIT locations

There are a number of requirements for connecting to remote locations outside of RMIT.

The external site requires a videoconferencing device that is compatible with the H.323 protocols that will connect to a contemporary videoconference device.

There needs to be sufficient bandwidth between RMIT and the remote location. This is typically greater than 384 KB per second. The reliability of the network connection must be high.

Standard equipment

The majority of RMIT videoconferencing venues and facilities provide standard videoconferencing equipment including:

  • Push button ‘AMX’ control with default videoconferencing settings
  • A videoconferencing unit with either a dedicated PC or the capacity to allow a laptop to connect to it.
  • Primary monitor to view remote locations
  • Secondary monitor
  • Microphones
  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • Document camera
  • Telephone for audiovisual support service or to contact remote locations.

Desktop videoconferencing

Desktop videoconferencing systems can integrate into the University's videoconference environment.

For acquisition of a desktop videoconferencing system that is compatible with the University's suite of technology, please contact the Service and Support Centre.