Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Development and Delivery of dual campus Project Management Electives at RMIT

Project Leaders

Ian McBean

Funds Approved


Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

The cross campus post-graduate elective in Human Relations in a Global Project Environment was an outstanding success. The elective is now part of the post-graduate course offerings at both campuses.

In all 36 students representing domestic and Vietnam enrolments undertook the project management elective at the postgraduate certificate level. These students were joined by local Vietnamese industry managers undertaking the elective as a short course.

Student videos and evaluations are attached to this report and indicate a very high level of satisfaction.

The dual campus offering is now self-funding and creates opportunities for exploration of further programme offerings.

This highly successful pilot elective exceeded expectations of demand and staff and student surveys as well as industry responses indicated high levels of approval and future on-going demand. This dual campus offering has the capacity to meet these expectations, and place RMIT Project Management degrees at the forefront of industry requirements.

All new projects require resourcing, and this project was no different. This project placed significant time demands upon the staff involved.

The elective course would not have been possible without the expert knowledge and co-operation of the Vietnam campus staff, in particular Sarah Cunnian, Brian O'Reilly, Kieran Brennan and Andrew Scown.

The project also relied heavily upon the resources of local administration at PCPM, in particular, Sheila Levett and Ian McBEAN. It is unlikely that the project would have eventuated without the enthusiasm of these people.

Given the success of the project, the course will be offered to students in 2009.

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