30 April 2013

The People and the Planet Conference

We are living through a period in human history when life on this planet is in danger of becoming unsustainable for many of its species - including ourselves.

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The People and the Planet Conference 2013



to 4 July 2013


Storey Hall, 342 Swanston Street, City campus.

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Organised by the UN Global Cities Programme and Global Cities Research Institute at RMIT, this interdisciplinary conference aims to challenge and transform the way we think about sustainability.

Rather than treating sustainability as a narrow ecological question framed by business as usual, the conference addresses the human condition across the integrated domains of economics, ecology, politics and culture.

The conference also gives you the opportunity to involve yourself in the following discussions:

  • What does it mean to be responsible for the future of our planet?
  • How can we best work collaboratively across those different constituencies to address basic issues of sustainability?
  • What is to be done? This is not to reduce the future to technical solutions, but rather to debate how we are going to act now to work towards an imagined future.

Early bird registration rates until 10 May 2013.

Special student rates available.

Register via http://bit.ly/Yij0ff.

For more information visit the People and the Planet Conference 2013.

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