Business research supervisors

The following are lists of Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) supervisors at the College of Business (BUS). The listings are intended for use by current and prospective research students seeking academic advice and potential supervisors.

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Assoc Professor Abdullahi Dahir Ahmed
Research Interests: International financial integration, Financial market modelling, Financial econometric analysis of time series, Corporate governance and risk management, Banking, Finance and investment

Dr MD Saiful Azam
Research Interests: Financial reporting; Corporate governance

Dr Daryll Cahill
Research Interests: Accounting education, accounting for intangibles and intellectual capital.

Professor Garry Carnegie
Research Interests: Governance and accountability: Accounting history

Dr Joe Christopher
Research Interests: Governance, Internal audit, Management controls, University governance, Public sector management

Professor Craig Deegan
Research Interests: Social and environmental accounting and reporting, financial accounting.

Professor Steven Dellaportas
Research Interests: Professional ethics and accountability in accounting, Accounting education

Dr Alena Golyagina
Research Interests: Accounting professionalisation, Accounting education, Accounting history, Accounting and linguistics, Management accounting

Assoc Professor Robert Inglis
Research Interests: Management accounting and strategy.

Dr Hui Ji
Research Interests: Social and environmental accounting, Sustainability, Accounting education, Environmental regulations, Intergrated reporting, Accounting theory, Accounting research methods, Financial accounting

Dr Mahesh Joshi
Research Interests: IFRS, Intellectual capital, Accounting Education

Dr Michael Kend
Research Interests: Audit and assurance markets. Financial accounting. Capital markets research. Corporate law reforms.

Dr Tehmina Khan
Research Interests: Sustainability accounting, Accounting information systems, Accounting education.

Dr Giulia Leoni
Research Interests: Accounting and accountability in other settings, (i.e. disaster recoveries), Accounting history, Earnings quality and earnings management (focus on SMEs), Rish management, Corporate governance and firm performance

Professor Alan Lowe
Research Interests: Management accounting, Performance measurement, Control systems, Accounting and information systems, Qualitative research methods, Interpretive methodology, Case study methods, Organisation studies, Practice theory

Ms Sonia Magdziarz
Research Interests: Accounting education, Threshold concepts, Teaching and learning

Dr Laura Maran
Research Interests: Accounting History and Management Accounting for the Public Sector

Dr Paul Myers
Research Interests: Conceptual frameworks. Auditor independence. First year in Higher Edcuation

Dr Yeswanth Nama Venkateswwaralu
Research Interests: Management accounting and control practices, Methods of performance measurement, The impact of calculative and [e]valuation practices, and the application of qualitative research method[ologie]s.

Dr Venkateshwaran Narayanan
Research Interests: Management accounting, Accounting for social and organisational sustainability, Accounting education

Professor Brendan O'Connell
Research Interests: Corporative governance; corporate scandals; earnings management; accounting education.

Professor Lee Parker
Research Interests: Strategic management and control, Corporate governance, Accounting and Management history, Social and environmental accountability, Public/Nonprofit sector accounting and management

Dr Duc Phan Thi Hong
Research Interests: Determinatns and social-economic impacts of IFRS adoption, Cross cultural issues in accounting, Accounting education in emerging countries

Dr Daniel Richards
Research Interests: Behavioural finance, Behavioural economics, Financial decision making, Decision bias, Investor psychology, Risk and uncertainty

Dr Susan Robertson
Research Interests: Management Control System Design, Design and Implementation issues for performance based compensation systems, Behavioural impacts of management accounting systems

Dr Maryam Safari
Research Interests: Corporate governance, Earnings management, Corporate social responsibility, Sustainability

Dr Pavithra Siriwardhane
Research Interests: Stakeholder influence and accountability, Public and non-profit sector accountability, Voluntary disclosure, Accounting professionalisation, Accounting education

Dr Hui Situ
Research Interests: Corporate social responsibility, Accounting in Chinese context

Dr Peta Alana Stevenson-Clarke
Research Interests: Financial accounting, particularly non-IFRS disclosures; Corporate governance; Accounting education; Accounting history.

Professor Navaneetham Subramaniam
Research Interests: Auditing, Corporate social responsibility, Internal audit, Enterprise risk management, Corporate governance, Accounting education, Management accounting controls

Dr Meredith Tharapos
Research Interests: Accounting education, Cultural implications, Accountability, Behavioural aspects of accounting

Professor Evdokia Tsahuridu
Research Interests: Business ethics. Corporate social responsibility. Organisational behaviour.

Dr Sarath Lal Ukwatte Jalathge
Research Interests: Accounting professionalization processes, University accounting education and governance principles, Public sector financial management, Sustainability in accounting and auditing practices, Indigenous funding institutions

Dr Gillian Vesty
Research Interests: Management accounting topics - in particular performance measurement in public hospitals; sustainability management accounting; internal business governance; actor-network theory.

Dr Lina Xu
Research Interests: Accounting History, Corporate Social Responsibility, Critical Accounting Theory

Assoc Professor Premasiri Yapa
Research Interests: Professionalisation of accounting; Accounting education, Accounting history, Socio-economic issues in international accounting standards

Business IT and Logistics

Dr Ahmad Abareshi
Research Interests: IT/IS capabilities, Green logistics, Supply chain management, Operations management, Artificial neural networks, Quality management

Assoc Professor Babak Abbasi
Research Interests: Operations Research, Statistics, Simulation, Probabilistic models, Supply Chain, Operations Management, Industrial Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Bayesian, Blood Supply Chain

Dr Arthur Adamopoulos
Research Interests: Information behaviour, Online investing, Databases, Information systems implementation, Digital currencies

Dr Kamrul Ahsan
Research Interests: Sustainable supply chain, Operations and logistics issues in product returns and recalls, Retail and e-tail logistics, 3PL, Procurement in project and supply chain, Project performance issues, Disaster logistics

Dr Sobhan Asian
Research Interests: Supply Chain Management, Operation Management, E-Supply Chains, Risk Management, Logistics Operations, Intralogistics Automation Systems

Dr Naomi Augar
Research Interests: Social media use by businesses and non-profit organisations, Project/prgram management, e-Learning

Dr Yee Ling Boo
Research Interests: Data Mining, Big Data, Business Analytics, Cognitive Computing and their application in Business, Health and Education

Dr Vincenzo Bruno
Research Interests: Human computer interaction; web usability; application development; databases.

Mr Paul Cerotti
Research Interests: Globalization, Globalization and IT, International business, Social value creation, Social technologies, Luxury business, Ethics in business.

Professor Caroline Chan
Research Interests: Business IT implementation, eBusiness, Supply chain management, Supply chain technologies, Food supply chain..

Dr France Cheong
Research Interests: Modelling and simulation of complex systems for improved decision making at operational and strategic levels.

Professor Prem Chhetri
Research Interests: Urban modeling; transport planning; tourism; geographic information systems; retail and event logistics; economic geography

Assoc Professor Vanessa Cooper
Research Interests: Information systems, knowledge management and organisational learning in the environmental sustainability, Disaster management and higher education contexts

Dr Bill Davey
Research Interests: Health informatics, Requirements elicitation

Professor Hepu Deng
Research Interests: Digital business; intelligent systems; decision analysis; Optimization; evolutionary computing.

Dr Martin Dick
Research Interests: Adoption of new software development technologies; software engineering; software development metrics; user interface metrics

Assoc Professor Victor Gekara
Research Interests: : Global labour supply chains; Skills formation in the maritime and logistics sectors; Port development, competitiveness and productivity; the political economy of skill formation; workforce capacity building; maritime policy

Mr Zaheed Halim
Research Interests: Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Complexity, Innovation and learning

Dr Mohammad Hossain
Research Interests: Technology diffusion, Human-computer interaction, Managing open data and big data, Smart city applications and their implementation issues, IS-enabled supply chain management, Managing food supply chain, RFID technology

Dr Katherine Howard
Research Interests: Convergence of galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM); changing education requirements for information professionals in GLAM/LIS; LIS link/similarities to digital humanities

Professor Booi Kam
Research Interests: Systems modelling, urban and rural development, real estate market behaviour, transport and land-use interaction, green logistics, supply chain management, and risk management.

Dr Stan Karanasios
Research Interests: Activity theory, Organisational change, Information communication technology for development, Emergency and disaster responsePolice and public safety, Innovation, Qualitative methods, Mixed methods, Practice theory, Social media

Mr Vassili Karpathiou
Research Interests: ICT Strategy and Governance, ICT Outsourcing, Disruptive technologies, Healthcare and IT, ICT Curriculum

Professor Karlheinz Kautz
Research Interests: Digital business, Information systems development & design, IT innovation & management, Organisational & societal implementation IT, Sociotechnical & sociomaterial approaches to IS/IT research

Dr Shahadat Khan
Research Interests: Organisational buying, public sector buying, logistics, e-commerce, international marketing and e-governance.

Dr Charles Lau
Research Interests: Supply chain and logistics optimisation; spatial modelling using GIS; land use and transporting modelling and planning; modelling and simulation in supply chain; e-supply chain management; outsourcing; reverse logistics; green logistics.

Dr John Lenarcic
Research Interests: Social media, Social Informatics, Computer ethics, Information systems philosophy, User experience studies.

Dr James McGovern
Research Interests: Groupware; collaborative systems and distributed databases.

Assoc Professor Elspeth McKay
Research Interests: e-learning; web-mediated instructional systems design; web accessibility; web-based collaborative learning technologies; human-computer interactions; interactive courseware design; international best practice in corporate e-training.

Dr Paul Mercieca
Research Interests: Social media, Electronic publishing, Information management, Library studies, Open access publishing.

Professor Alemayehu Molla
Research Interests: Green IT and IS; enterprise systems; digital business; development informatics.

Dr Chin Eang Ong
Research Interests: Technologies in e-supply chain, big data optimization

Dr Konrad Peszynski
Research Interests: Supply chain management, eBusiness, e-learning, information systems implementation, strategy and policy, the social aspects of information and the relationship of culture to information.

Dr Siddhi Pittayachawan
Research Interests: Trust, Information system adoption, Information security behaviour, Sustainable business, Supply chain management, Business education

Dr Pak Lok Poon
Research Interests: Software engineering, IT in education, Information systems security, Control & audit, End user computing, E-commerce, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

Professor Shams Rahman
Research Interests: Reverse logistics; security issues in supply chains; strategic outsourcing; theory of constraints; Six-Sigma quality and lean logistics.

Dr Susan Reynolds
Research Interests: Library history, The future of cataloguing, Online course design, Teacher librarianship, Literature for young people.

Assoc Professor Joan Richardson
Research Interests: Reusable objects; design and evaluation of educational systems; strategic systems implementation and the impact on organisational structure.

Dr Pradipta Kiran Sarkar
Research Interests: Cloud computing and mobile computing, New developments in ICT, ICT for education

Dr Ross Smith
Research Interests: Systems process design; implementation, analysis and evaluation in health information systems and ERP systems.

Dr Ian Storey
Research Interests: Splines, Evolutionary algorithms, Genetic algorithms, Control theory, Suspensions, Information systems analysis and Design, vehicle, Variational calculus, Information security.

Assoc Professor Richard Tay
Research Interests: Transport and freight, Road safety, Transport economics, Transport policy, Transport safety, Sustainable transport, Transport accessibility, Intelligent transport systems, Consumer choice models, Driver behaviour

Mr Leon Kok Yang Teo
Research Interests: Enterprise systems, Enterprise resource planning, Service Oriented architecture (SOA), E-commerce, E-business, Supply chain management. Web.2.0., Information systems modelling & development, Object oriented analysis & design.

Dr Say Yen Teoh
Research Interests: System process design, implementation, analysis and evaluation in the health information systems and the ERP systems.

Dr Vinh Thai
Research Interests: Maritime logistics and SCM, Shipping and port management, Quality management in maritime logistics, HRM in maritime logistics

Dr Huan Vo-Tran
Research Interests: Information management, Information sharing, Knowledge management

Dr Leslie Young
Research Interests: Mobile Commerce and Technology, IT Governance, E-Business supply chain and distribution models, Adoption of E-commerce in developing countries, Auditing information systems, Implementation of health information systems

Economics, Finance and Marketing

Dr Torgeir Aleti Watne
Research Interests: Consumer socialisation, consumer behaviour, social media, digital marketing, social marketing

Dr Samuelson Appau
Research Interests: Consumption of religion, Culture and branding, Consumption and wellbeing, Exchange and the sharing economy

Dr Sefa Awaworyi Churchill
Research Interests: Applied economics, Development, Microfinance, Health economics, Meta-analysis, Entrepreneurship

Dr Christopher Berg
Research Interests: Economic history, Australian history, Political economy, Institutional economics, Blockchains and institutional technologies

Dr Janneke Blijlevens
Research Interests: Consumer psychology, Design aesthetics, Experimental research, Behavioural research, Product innovation, Social psychological and evolutionary psychological approach to consumer behaviour

Assoc Professor Jonathan Boymal
Research Interests: Environmental economics; economics modelling; the economics of coercion.

Dr Martin Byford
Research Interests: Industrial Organisation, Microeconomics Theory, Game Theory.

Dr Marie-Anne Cam
Research Interests: Financial markets, asset pricing, managed funds and political economics.

Dr Adrian Camilleri
Research Interests: Experimental methods; Consumer psychology; Behavioural economics; Judgement and decision-making; Social marketing

Dr Caroline Chen
Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Capital Structure, Political Connection, Economic Reforms, Emerging Markets, Environmental Finance

Assoc Professor Helene Cherrier
Research Interests: Market system dynamics, Anti-consumption, Collaborative consumption, Sustainable designs, Consumer resistance, Dispossession, Non-human agency, and embodiment.

Dr Swee Hoon Chuah
Research Interests: Experimental economics; Behavioural economics; Economic psychology; Cross-cultural experimental economics; Economic behaviour in virtual worlds

Dr Emily Chung-Moya
Research Interests: Consumer behaviour, Psychology, Fanaticism, Fan loyalty, Consumer/brand loyalty, Addiction, Qualitative research

Dr Bronwyn Coate
Research Interests: Cultural economics, economics of the arts, art markets, cultural policy, applied economic research

Professor Sinclair Davidson
Research Interests: Corporate finance and comparative corporate governance.

Assoc Professor Ashton De Silva
Research Interests: Multivariate time series analysis. Econometic modelling. Forecasting. Applied multivariate statistics, Property Market Analysis and Consumer Finance/Credit Analysis

Professor Michael Dempsey
Research Interests: Asset pricing, Risk and return, Cost of capital, financial markets, Corporate finance.

Assoc Professor Angela Dobele
Research Interests: Word-of-mouth referrals (including technological communications), gender diversity and teaching and learning

Dr Meg Elkins
Research Interests: Development economics, Poverty reduction and well-being, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Poverty Reduction Stratgegy Papers (PRPs), Social protection, Health economics, Policy evaluation

Professor Lisa Farrell
Research Interests: Risk & uncertainty, applied microeconomics, health economics

Professor Francis Farrelly
Research Interests: Marketing strategy; Consumer culture; Product design; Branding; Sport marketing and sponsorship. Must be Qualitative methodology.

Professor Simon Feeny
Research Interests: Development economics, Allocation and effectiveness of foreign aid, Impacts of economic shocks, Development goals and targets, Poverty and human-well-being.

Dr Bernardo Figueiredo
Research Interests: Qualitative methodologies, Consumer culture, Globalization of markets and culture, Multiculturalism, Cosmopolitanism, Mobility, Place Branding, International marketing, Emerging markets and development, Transformative consumer research

Professor Timothy Fry
Research Interests: Microeconometrics, analysis of cross section and longitudinal survey data, modelling advertising effectiveness and discrete choice modelling.

Professor Gerda Gemser
Research Interests: Design thinking, Design management, Innovation management, Management in creative industries, Collaboration in innovation teams

Dr Peter Guenther
Research Interests: Marketing¿s financial performance impact; Marketing strategy; Brand strategy; Customer equity value; Social network analysis; Digital marketing

Dr Lauren Gurrieri
Research Interests: Gender and marketing, Gender and consumption, Body ideals and social media, Ethical representations in advertising, Consumer resistance and activism, Social marketing

Professor Jean Robert Hoffmann
Research Interests: Behavioural and experimental economics, Game theory, Economics of culture

Dr Rachel Huang
Research Interests: Financial institutions (ie. investment banks, Mutual funds), Emerging markets, IPO and other corporate finance related topics

Dr Silvia Zia Islam
Research Interests: Capital Structure, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Applied Economics and Health Education

Assoc Professor Bilgehan Karabay
Research Interests: International trade, Political economy of trade policy and international agreements, Economics of information and uncertainty, Development economics and industrial organisation with particular reference to the effects of globalisation

Assoc Professor Steven Kates
Research Interests: History of economic thought, the economics of John Stuart Mill, Keynesian economic theory, Macroeconomic theory, Theory of the business cycle, Entrepreneurial activity, Industrial relations

Professor Michael Kidd
Research Interests: Labour Economics, Economics of Crime, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Micro-econometric applications of large complex administrative data.

Dr Foula Kopanidis
Research Interests: Consumer behaviour, selectionbehaviour, choice criteria, education and marketing

Dr Joanne Laban
Research Interests: Culture, Social norms, Conformity, Peer effects, Identiy, Decisions biases, Risk and uncertainty, Prospect theory, Reference point adaption

Dr Larry Li
Research Interests: Corporate governance, IPO's and the Chinese capital market

Dr Qigui Liu
Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, M&A, Innovation

Assoc Professor Vijaya Bhaskar Marisetty
Research Interests: Corporate finance; Investments; Emerging markets

Dr Ankita Mishra
Research Interests: Monetary economics and central banking, Development economics mainly welfare and gender related issues, Time-series econometrics.

Professor Heather Mitchell
Research Interests: Time series analysis and regression.

Professor Imad Moosa
Research Interests: International finance, Risk management, Financial markets, Financial economics, Financial aspects of economic development.

Dr Rajendra Mulye
Research Interests: Decision analysis, social dilemmas; country-of-origin effect, conservation behaviour, green marketing.

Assoc Professor Seema Wati Narayan
Research Interests: Time series Econometric Analyses, Applied Macroeconomics, Development Economics, and Financial Economics

Dr Ananta Neelim
Research Interests: Development, Experiments, Behaviour

Dr Thi Ngoc My Nguyen
Research Interests: Topics in banking and corporate finance, especially banking market competition, bank ownership, efficiency, financial development, bank and systemic risk, bank and firm lending relationship.

Assoc Professor Alberto Posso
Research Interests: Development economics, labour economics, international trade, applied panel data econometrics, Microeconmetrics, Political Economy

Professor Jason Potts
Research Interests: Evolutionary economics, Innovation economics (and policy), Institutional economics and Cultural economics.

Dr Kaleel Rahman
Research Interests: Brand management, brand protection (counterfeit), consumer behaviour (over-consumption, under-consumption, consumption in the developing world, meaning of cool), with qualitative or quantitative approaches.

Professor Michael Reid
Research Interests: Transformative consumer research including, consumer food-related decision making, product choice, and health consequences. New product development and new product adoption. Non-price based sales promotions and integrated marketing communication.

Dr Leonora Risse
Research Interests: Applied microeconomics; Labour economics; Health and wellbeing; Gender; Disadvantage/inequality; Economic psychology; Population/demographics; Public/social policy; Longitudinal survey data

Dr Linda Robinson
Research Interests: Marketing strategy, service research (including service structures and employee psychology), Learning and leadership in organisations, Low-resourced consumers, Marketing education

Professor Roslyn Russell
Research Interests: Microfinance, financial literacy, entrepreneurship

Dr Meg Sato
Research Interests: Microeconomics theory, Contract theory, Corporate Governance

Assoc Professor Michael Schwartz
Research Interests: Applied ethics and macromarketing.

Professor Jing Shi
Research Interests: Corporate governance, Corporate social responsibility, Emerging markets, Fund management and business strategy.

Dr Sarah Sinclair
Research Interests: Economics assessment of policy: Health, Demography, Education, Child support and housing

Assoc Professor Peter Sivey
Research Interests: Health economics, Hospitals, Doctors, Panel data, Microeconometrics, Industrial economics

Dr Ahmed Skali
Research Interests: Political Economy, Comparative Development, Applied Microeconomics, Economic History

Dr Sivagowry Sriananthakumar
Research Interests: Hypothesis testing. Econometric Theory and applications. Time-series analysis

Dr Pratima Srivastava
Research Interests: Applied Economics and Econometrics, Cross-Sectional and Panel Data Analysis, Health Economics, Labour Economics, Economics of Recreational Drug Consumption

Assoc Professor Constantino Stavros
Research Interests: Marketing Communication and Strategy; Sport Marketing and Management; Relationship Marketing; Marketing Strategies; Social Media; Social Marketing; Branding; Advertising; Qualitative Research Methods.

Dr Mark Stewart
Research Interests: Public sector economics.

Professor Malick Sy
Research Interests: Financial engineering; financial risk evaluation and management; wealth management.

Professor On Kit Tam
Research Interests: Corporate governance, China finance and economy, foreign direct investment, state owned enterprises, Fund management governance.

Dr Guo Sze Tan
Research Interests: Corporate governance, Corporate ownership & control, Business and political networks, Asian business, Fund governance

Assoc Professor George Tawadros
Research Interests: International Economics, International Monetary Economics, International Finance, International Trade, Open-Economy Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics.

Dr Stuart Thomas
Research Interests: Derivatives, risk management, rish in power markets.

Assoc Professor Kathleen Westberg
Research Interests: Social media, Branding, Sponsorship, Sports marketing, Corporate community partnerships, Social marketing.

Dr Christopher White
Research Interests: Consumer behaviour. Attitude theory. Motivation. Self-determination theory

Dr Lilai Xu
Research Interests: Banking & finance, international business, Chinese economics, entrepreneurship.

Dr Nobuaki Yamashita
Research Interests: International trade, Economics of multinational enterprises, Globalisation and labour outcomes

Graduate School of Business and Law

Dr Kevin Argus
Research Interests: Marketing, sport, sponsorship, Arts, Social media, Social networking, Loyalty, Fan loyalty, Enduring involvement, Commitment, Self-esteem, Identity, Motivation, Life themes, Life projects, Higher-order goals

Dr Christopher Booth
Research Interests: Business Leadership and management practice, Organisation studies, Organisation culture - values, Work group/team dynamics, Human performance, Strategy formation - implementation, Applied business ethics, Action research, Human inquiry approaches, Qualita

Assoc Professor Terry Boulter
Research Interests: Financial markets, Foreign exchange modelling, Forecasting, Hedging, Capital structure, Volatility modelling

Dr Wei Cai
Research Interests: Company law and corporate governance, Comparative law with a focus on chinese law, Corporate social responsibility and law, Financial law, International business law and trade law

Dr Ling Mei Cong
Research Interests: Financial accounting, Corporate governance, CSR disclosures, Capital market-based accounting research

Assoc Professor Katherine Douglas
Research Interests: Dispute resolution, Mediation, Legal education, Online learning

Professor Mark Farrell
Research Interests: Market orientation, Marketing

Professor Anthony Forsyth
Research Interests: Employment law, Workplace relations law, Workplace regulations & policy, Collective bargaining, Workplace dispute resolution, Comparative labour law.

Dr Paul Gibson
Research Interests: Organisational theory and organisational consulting, leadership and emotional intelligence, professional development, organisational culture, career and identity.

Professor John Glover
Research Interests: Taxation law and policy, Equity law, the law of Trusts, Wills and Estates, Succession law

Dr Kendall Herbert
Research Interests: Management and international business; Gobal virtual teams, Cross-­cultural management, Leadership and team innovation.

Emeritus Prof Margaret Jackson
Research Interests: Data protection and privacy, Internet law and protection of business information, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ms Anne Kallies
Research Interests: Energy law, Environmental law, Renewable energy and climate law, Law and regulation, Electricity market regulation

Assoc Professor Ingo Karpen
Research Interests: Strategic marketing, Service research, Organisational strategy and design, Value co-creation concepts, Customer experience design

Professor Mark Leenders
Research Interests: New product success, innovation and marketing, Marketing interfaces (R&D, industrial design, artistic), Innovation in health, food and drinks, and entertainment industries, The boundaries of commerce, Public Health, Risk assessment and governance (protect

Professor Steven Li
Research Interests: Quantitative finance, Financial market efficiency, Asset pricing, Corporate Finance, Derivatives and financial engineering, Chinese financial markets and environmental finance.

Dr Shelley Marshall
Research Interests: Business and Human Rights, Corporate Accountability, Labour Regulation in Developing Countries, Labour Conditions in Supply Chains, Transnational Human Rights Mechanisms

Professor Bronwyn Naylor
Research Interests: Criminal law and policy, Criminal justice, human rights in places of detention, Prisons and punishment, Criminal records and other collateral consequences of conviction, Criminal law and gender.

Dr Yee-Fui Ng
Research Interests: Law and politics, Constitutional law, Administrative law

Dr Timothy O'Shannassy
Research Interests: Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Research Methods, PhD Supervision, DBA Supervision

Dr Olasupo Owoeye
Research Interests: Intellectual Property Law, WTO Law, International Human Rights Law

Assoc Professor Marta Poblet Balcell
Research Interests: Law and technology, Conflict management, Crisis and disaster management, Crowdsourcing, Ethics (related to these aspects)

Dr Elizabeth Shi
Research Interests: Labour law, Employment security, Industrial relations

Professor Supriya Singh
Research Interests: Migration and remittances; Sociology of money; Communication; Gender; Mobile money; Globalization and money

Dr Greg Taylor
Research Interests: Constitutional law, Legal history, Comparative law

Dr John Douglas Thomson
Research Interests: Corporate governance and electronic strategies as related to ERP; cloud computing; social media; public/private sector interfaces; strategy (concept and capability development); project management (regulation; technology diffusion, high tech, bio and faci

Dr Andrew Vaitiekunas
Research Interests: Sports law, International commercial arbitration law, Jurisprudence, International law, Contract law, Tort law, Company law

Assoc Professor Penelope June Weller
Research Interests: Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities; Mental health law, Mental health advance directives, Coercion and recovery, Therapeutic jurisprudence, Mental health tribunals, Comparative law, Regulatory governance.


Professor Pia Arenius
Research Interests: Entrepreneurial behaviour, New venture creation, Ideas, Opportunities, Opportunity confidence, Positive psychology, Bricolage, Effectuation, Passion, Embeddedness, Temporality, Failure, Coping strategies

Assoc Professor Sharif As-Saber
Research Interests: International business, Governance, Strategy, Cross-cultural Management.

Dr Ruth Barton
Research Interests: Trade unions Globalisation Privatisation

Professor John Burgess
Research Interests: HRM practices in multinational enterprises, Contingent employment arrangements, Work, technology and new employment arrangements, Workplace partnerships and consultation, EEO and diversity management in the workplace.

Professor Sara Charlesworth
Research Interests: Employment regulation, Gender equality, Anti-discrimination law, Working time, Care work

Dr Ngan Collins
Research Interests: Transition theories, changes to Employment Relations and HRM under economic transformation. Key fields of knowledge including ER, Industrial relations globalization, international HRM and impacts of educational & training management changes to the labour

Dr Gerrit De Waal
Research Interests: Innovation management, Entrepreneurship

Dr Annie Delaney
Research Interests: Informal work: homework, gender and work, Business & human rights: corporate accountability & CSR, Labour in garment, Textiles and footwear sectors and global supply chains.

Dr Ling Deng
Research Interests: Leadership, Cross-cultural management, International human resources management, Business management in China, Immigration studies.

Dr Jason Downs
Research Interests: Strategy-As-Practice, Strategic management, Action research, Management practices, Practitioner research, Qualitative research, Cross-disciplinary research

Dr Cameron Duff
Research Interests: Social entreprenurship and social enterprise, Organisational theory, Public health, Urban renewal, Innovation, Digital health, At-risk youth, Housing and homelessness, Mental health promotion

Professor Peter Fairbrother
Research Interests: Global political economy; Global trade unionism; Politics and trade unionism; Sector restructuring and decomposition - steel, public services, ports and logistics; Workplace and union learning and training.

Dr Xuejiao Fan
Research Interests: Interpersonal interactions in multicultural contexts; Identity (ethnic, cultural), Social psychology; Chinese organizations in Australia, Sino-foreign universities, Expatriates; Overseas Chinese returnees, Skilled immigrants

Dr Katherine Farhall
Research Interests: Gender, Gender inequality, Feminism, Feminist theory, Sexuality, Postfeminism, Violence against women, Domestic violence, Media studies

Dr Simon Fry
Research Interests: Employment relations in Australia, Employment relations in Asia.

Dr Beni Halvorsen
Research Interests: Turnover and retention, Diversity, Migrant employees, Human resource management, Organisation trust

Dr Margaret Heffernan
Research Interests: Cross-cultural management, Health-care management, Indigenous health research, Indigenous business.

Dr Xueli Huang
Research Interests: Innovation management, strategic management, Chinese investment in Australia, International business

Professor Sandra Jones
Research Interests: Employment relations, knowledge management, negotiation, mediation and advocacy, communities of practice, community industrial relations.

Dr Haiying Kang
Research Interests: International HRM, HRM

Dr Malcolm MacIntosh
Research Interests: Australian and comparative industrial relations; Human resource management; workplace relations and competitive strategy in the automotive sector; Public sector management; team working and employee involvement; national approaches to vocational training

Dr Fiona Macdonald
Research Interests: Gender and work, Employment regulation, Industrial relations, Employment policy, Skills and training policy, Labour market programs, Self-employment, Trade unions, Forms of employment, Work and welfare, Precarious employment

Dr Susan Mate
Research Interests: Narrative analysis, Professional identity, Work integrated learning, Career development learning, Organisational culture, Sustainability leadership

Professor Adela McMurray
Research Interests: Culture including national, organizational and cultural diversity; innovation; communication; climate; commitment; learning; business continuity; sustainability; action research including multi-method research and entrepreneurship.

Dr Bernard Mees
Research Interests: Corporate governance. Business history. Financial services and securities. Management and ideology

Dr Alan Montague
Research Interests: Education policy. Recognition of prior learning. Education revision of business development. Equity in education. Work integrated learning and graduate attributes.

Dr Michael Muchiri
Research Interests: Leadership behaviours (including transformational, Ethical, Authentic and servant leadership) Workplace conflict and how they relate to individual, group and organisational outcomes.

Dr Nuttawuth Muenjohn
Research Interests: Leadership and followership. Expatriate management. Management of host-nation subordinates. Cross-cultural issues in management.

Assoc Professor Nattavud Pimpa
Research Interests: Education Policy in South-East Asia, Marketing for Education, International Education Services, Internationalisation in Australian Education.

Assoc Professor Michael Rafferty
Research Interests: International business, Political economy, Financialisation

Dr Nthati Rametse
Research Interests: Start-up Tax Compliance Costs for SMEs; Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; Compliance Costs of Government Regulations for SMEs; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Home based businesses; Tax Policy Research; Goods and Services Tax; Value-Added Tax; GST; VAT

Dr Gitika Sablok
Research Interests: Human resource management, leadership, International management, Human resource development, Multinationals, Employee Voice

Dr Bo Shao
Research Interests: Cross-cultural management, Workplace emotions, Emotional intelligence, Leadership

Professor Kosmas Smyrnios
Research Interests: Family business, leadership, entrepreneurship, Fast growth firms, education strategy and outcomes.

Assoc Professor Darryn Snell
Research Interests: Sociology of work and employment. Skills and skill formation. Vocational education and training. Trade unionism, development students. South Pacific societies. Organisational theory, Social justice. Globalisation and Economic restructuring.

Professor Pauline Stanton
Research Interests: HRM in healthcare, High performance work systems

Dr Warren Staples
Research Interests: Management of public sector, services, quality, business ethics, corporate governance and the research student experience.

Dr Sam Tavassoli
Research Interests: Innovation of firms, Entreprenuership, Technological change, Regional studies, Industrial dynamics

Dr Keith Toh
Research Interests: Emergency organisations, military heritage in emergency organisations, volunteerism and communication infrastructure in emergency management. Enterprise architectures, service oriented architecture.

Dr Nam Cam Trau
Research Interests: Workplace diversity, particularly on the workplace and career experiences of under-presented groups. His work has appeared in internationally-recognised journals and been mentioned in the Australia Financial Review and the Financial Times in the UK.

Dr Meagan Tyler
Research Interests: Gender, gender inequality, feminism, feminist theory, sexuality, trafficking, disaster studies

Dr Vidhula Venugopal
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Gender, Refugee, Migration, Entrepreneurial Intentions, Opportunity

Professor Martin Wood
Research Interests: Alphabetically; arts-based production and dissemination of social science knowledge, individual and collective resistance as a creative strategy in the global knowledge economy, process metaphysics and post-structural approaches to management and leadersh

Dr Jiaying Zhang
Research Interests: Human resource management (employment relations, human capital management, immigrant employment, job satisfaction, and organisational commitment). Chinese study. International Management

Business - Learning and Teaching

Dr Sandy Ng
Research Interests: Transformative Service Research, Social marketing, Service marketing

Business - Research

Professor Brian Corbitt
Research Interests: Information systems; national information policy; health informatics; e-learning; IT policy development and analysis; health information systems and health policy; culture in information systems; business modelling and e-business.

Professor Geoffrey Stokes
Research Interests: Governance, Social and political theory, Australian politics and public policy, Chinese politics and governance.