Developing inherent requirements

Inherent requirements can be articulated in relation to the functional abilities required to undertake particular tasks within a program of study.

Functional areas for consideration may include:

  • Communication – verbal expression and comprehension, social communication (non-verbal)
  • Reading, Writing and Number Skills
  • Concentration, Memory and Problem Solving
  • Mental Wellness and Behavioural Stability Vision, Hearing, Touch and Smell
  • Physical Skills – gross motor and fine motor skills.
  • Physical and Mental Endurance

Reasonable adjustments can be considered in each of these functional areas to support students who may have challenges in order to meet the inherent requirements of a program.

It is important to differentiate between the inherent requirements of a program and the learning activities or tasks within a program.

Registration board declarations

Some programs of study may have additional ethical, legal or health requirements such as Working with Children Checks and immunisations, which require compliance due to the program’s relationship to professional registration organisations. These are not considered to be inherent requirements.